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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Arduino Soldering Workshop
Type of Event: Workshop
From: 2009/03/15 03:00:00 PM
Till: 2009/03/15 08:00:00 PM
Recurring: no
Cost: free"free" is not a number.
Mandatory registration:

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Contact Person(s): SteveClement (mail)
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-9c98d9df82c040998051a849e03d04cf.png
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What is it about?

On the 15th of March we are going to solder an Serial Arduino Board and a few Velleman Kits to afterward Hack them and make them behave in a different way than originally conceived. (Limited to 10 People!)


Arduino, that is. The Arduino Board is based on the Atmega 168 Microprocessor and comes with a very easy to use development platform. We will explain every possible step from the Soldering to your first Blinking LED. Need more explications, the Tube is your friend:


The Workshop will be held in the C3L Admin HQ

DoorBell: Michael Quest

99A, rue Laurent Ménager L-2143 Luxembourg

Needed Skill Level

You can be a Total Beginner or an advanced überGeek in electronics (meaning you smell Resistor and no it's characteristics) We have something for everyone!


The different instructions will be given in the Language you understand (.lu/.de/.fr/.en) so no worries just come along.

The Agenda

Starting from 15h00 we will go through the different Kits and decide who does what. Then a short introduction into Arduinos' and the different offspring. The beginner group will then get a more or less detailed introduction into the different parts of the Arduino Kit. The expert group can Hack away immediately and share their experiences with the rest of us. Once everyone has a more or less functional Arduino Board we will hook it up to the Laptops and Program the Board with an easy circuit first and, time permitting, something fancier afterwards.

We will provide

There will be approximately 6 full soldering stations
with all the necessary gear (Multimeter, Wire cutter tools, etc...)

A Dremel - A Hot Glue gun -

These sets will be available FOR SALE. So in case you like what you did
and want to become a REAL Pirate make a future proof investment.
Most of the Kits will be in 3 exemplars, if you are really keen on one, reserve it please.
  • A Room (kindly provided by emQue)
  • 6 30W Soldering Irons with an adequate Tip and stand (but please bring your own should you have one)
  • 6 Third-hands
  • 6 Multimeter (again, you have one bring it please)
  • 6 Ubuntu Laptops with the Arduino IDE
  • Power supplies (some regulated some not, Voltage varies)
  • 500g (yeah) of 1mm and 0.7mm Solder
  • De-soldering stuff
  • Maybe an Oscilloscope (Who can bring one please?)

(and some more so join the Workshop to check it out)

The Costs

No real costs are involved (obviously parts aren't for free), the only thing that would be fair is to be a member (or at least consider becoming one) of the HackerSpace as this Workshop would theoretically be in that Space that is rented/donated/whatever in the Future.

If you have an Arduino already bring it along, if you have an disassembled/maybe_damaged Arduino come along too and we'll fix it.

If you have NOTHING please come along with at least 29€ for the Arduino Kit the rest will be there at your disposal.

If you want to get seriously into prototyping and Soldering consider our essentials.

  • A soldering Iron (30W) with all you need to get Started (solder stuff/de-solder pump/wires etc...) - 25€
  • Tools (Diagonal cutters, cutter, round nose pliers, third hand) - 16€
  • Multimeter - 17€
  • The Starter Pack with a bread board - 29€
  • The full Arduino Serial stuff - 29€ PCB + Parts
  • A fancy box to keep all the spare parts tidy - 5€

And as an HackerSpace exclusive we offer you the following deal -

Iron + Tools + Multimeter + Starter Pack + The Full Arduino Stuff 
Totals to: 116€
Deal: 109€

IMPORTANT! If you combine this with a fine HackerSpace membership of only 42€ (21€ Students and People that seek work) another 10€ will be slashed bringing this to a ludicrous price of 99€

Everything can be purchased separately and will be available on the Day itself BUT please Order beforehand.

For the different Kit pricing see above but obviously you can bring and roll your own. (Highly encouraged!)

For the more adventurous

If you want to break all the rules and start going crazy why not try a LED-Cube? Or a LED-Square?

Either buy your kit or even better roll your own.

Random Pirate Surfs by and rants

OI! The pre-assembled Kit is 22€ and you charge me 29€! Scallywag!

A: Well me dear Matey. Pre-assembled means NO SPARE PARTS! And most of all NO FUN! 29 €-Bucks gives you all the fun plus the fun to fry-up some parts if you are new to this Sweet trade.

Arrrr, me get it! But Landlubber Avast! On tha Internet me Mateys and I found the Swag for only a few Doubloons! Scallywag!

A: Hmmm, persistent are ya! In Pirate Land things are obviously different, but Ordering this for at least 10 Mateys and making sure all will go right takes time. And we wanted to Support the Local economy (and NOT international waters) we bought most of the stuff from a fellow Partner call SAM S.A Oh yeah AND we have a PirateSpace to fund so y'all can Safely Sail the International nets!

Aye! So sheer Booty in 'he end!


Want do participate?

Either subscribe to our Mailing List and tell us or send an email directly to Steve.

Just Surfed by and want to Buy some stuff?

No problems just drop us a line and we'll manage! Mailto: steve _AAAAATTTTTT_

  • Buy a Pirate shirt, a hoody or other apparel from our Spreadshop!


Real Pirates wear this - - for the WorkShop!


Now that the first Session has ended, quite a few are new Arduino Pirates, we can proceed to step 2. Programming and altering.

If you have a Wii-nunchuck around we could:

Arrrrduino Part Deux

On this years C3L SummerCamp we will have the second half of the Arduino Session

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