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== January 8th, 2011 ==
=== Topics ===
* working groups status updates
Would you like to discuss something? Simply add it below the upcoming event!
Would you like to discuss something? Simply add it below the upcoming event!

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Bootstrap Meeting
Type of Event: Meeting
From: 2010/03/06 07:00:00 PM
Till: 2012/03/03 11:59:00 PM
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Attendees: All members
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Contact Person(s): Kwisatz (mail), Gunstick (mail), SteveClement (mail), Mich (mail), Macfreak109 (mail), Tschew (mail)
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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January 8th, 2011


  • working groups status updates

Would you like to discuss something? Simply add it below the upcoming event!

December 4th, 2010


  • privacy of
  • bar tap board overuse
  • consequences for not respecting cleanliness of space
  • working groups status update
  • toolset workshop announcement
  • [1]


November 7th, 2010

Power up, mega man!

MEGA Bootstrap Meeting. Yes, this meeting is exceptionally on a Sunday.


  1. Minutes
  • Important: Working Groups
  • Other
    • Member Internet Service Hosting
    • Foire de l'Etudiant 2010
    • Create accounts on for all members present who not already have one (-> PEAP::MSCHAPv2)
    • Keys
    • MemberCards
    • Application Forms/Social Contract
    • Talk about further regular events on Weekends (?!)
    • Public Relations budget?!
    • --> Newsletter (pdf, bi-monthly, preview and review)
    • Pamela-like feature for syn2cat.
    • Soldering station for doing some fancy smd soldering works.
    • For syndilight project, pre-financing for 15 RGB LEDs boards for one 7 segment display: 120€ (incl. shipping)
    • Criticism and complaints


detailed presentation of working groups (cf. wiki descriptions)

  • requirement of being able to post issues to the working groups discussed
    • -> set up in redmine
  • PR group should seek permission and confirmation of correctness before publishing materials (when publishing stuff about projects, for instance)


  • health & beauty presents cleaning bill: 253 EUR352.578 $
    220.591 £
    308.63 CHF
    / month
    • too much, should we do it ourselves?
    • clean twice a month?
      • -> Health and beauty should ask commune whether we can pay them to continue cleaning the space.
      • -> H&B should investigate options with lower frequency.
      • -> What about private (non-company) cleaning?
  • web management presents changes to login system
    • -> ldap
    • -> can we have passphrases?
    • -> can we add entropie tests for passwords?
  • events group presents foire de l'étudiant
    • presents syndelights project

discussion about membership application form

  • printed 7 forms to be filled out and handed in

request for "newsletter"-type updates of what's going on in the space

  • -> PR group should take care of this asap

rediscussion of pamela member presence system

  • yay for self-decided level of displaying information about oneself with double opt-in

soldering station

  • voted yay for most expensive model after lengthy discussion

rgb leds for syndelights

  • yay

dmx equipment

  • nay, wait whether we can borrow some
  • bulb longevity will be tested using cheap plug-in dimmer rather than dmx
  • cable compatibility will be tested using equipment at dance studio or so


  • syndelights should be more prominent
    • syndelights should become an "official" hackerspace project which will have the full support of the hackerspace
    • PR should be kept private right now because we want it to be a very cool surprise for the city but it should be talked about profusely between members

October 1st, 2010



  • chocolates missing
=> chocolates filled up from secret stockpile :-) SOLVED
  • workgroups
    • start with 2 groups, then add more later
    • one group to start with would be provisioning (consumables: eat, drink, paper...)
    • on each bootstrap every group should give a little activity report
    • people should be in maximum 3 groups to reduce overload
Note if a group does not do the work, it won't happen of course.
  • kitchen extension
    • small tabletop dishwasher from Bartek: OK
    • fridge from Jhemp (80 height) NOK
    • fridge from Jan 145hx60w: OK
  • european volunteer
    • People between 18-30years
    • needs to be coached
    • what tasks? administrative stuff, public relations, event management, cooperation with other lux. organizations, help in projects which lack time and ressources, reporter/journalist to fill in wiki or blog
  • please clean the toilets when you make a mess!
  • new locks will arrive next week
  • membercards
pdf files have been produced, will be given by Kwisatz
  • satellite dish
will be put up as we did not get any negative reaction from the commune
cable can be put without any drilling

September 4th, 2010


  • Budget
  • Etching materials?
  • Hackyversary
  • Workshop leaders required
    • Makerbot
    • PCBs, from design to etching
  • Syn2lights
  • Presentation of
    • new working groups
    • membership application form



for Books, Infrastructure, Food & Drinks and Projects got defined.


Todo: Split up infrastructure into project-based and general

Members getting funding for projects
  • members present their project on the ML
  • on the bootstrap meeting a minimum of 6 ppl have to be present for the voting (2 of which must be a member of the council)
  • ppl decide whether we can afford funding
  • if possible funding, we decide case by case how much
  • no min no max limit
  • 40% upfront .... 60% later on ... if budget allows for it
Kwisatz Kaossilator Project
  • postponed until next month ... waiting for presentation
Kwisatz GO board
  • 40€ for board + stones package

Workshop leaders

  • etching -> slopjong
  • makerbot -> gunstick (if interest) or sim0n


  • no exhibition in Galerie Spiren as there are no volunteers to help out or give ideas
  • organize a birthday party in space (Mich?, sim0n)
  • prepare slideshow to show to council and say "thanks" for the year of presence in Strassen

August 7th, 2010

Cancelled for lack of attendees.

July 3rd, 2010

Note: Extraordinarily, this meeting starts at 6pm.


  • Air conditioner
  • Working Groups
  • More regular workshop/projects
  • Getting to know people


Air conditioner

It has been concluded that Mexx should see if he can bring his air conditioner. We will have to see whether that works at all. Another solution might be simple ventilation.

Working Groups

Three to four working groups will be introduced and people are expected to join at least one, at most three groups.

Regular Workshops and Projects

People have been invited to suggest more workshops. Also, it has been suggested to more actively point to community projects like for examples Syn2lights.

Getting to know people

It has been deplored that space members don't know each other or their occupations too well. In order to resolve this issue, it has been suggested that every member be interviewed and that we have some sort of cocktail party or similar. Mich has volunteered (sort of ;)) to do the interviews.

June 5th, 2010


May 1st, 2010


  • Urgent: Chemical lab, etching equipment and table. How to handle/store acids?
  • Grill-o-matic : We need a neat BBQ, preferably one with gas
  • More questions to the commune?



  • Find a table, with or without tiles?
    • Use the table in Workroom corner?
    • Tiles would have the benefit of a wall preventing spills.
      • Inquire what tiles would cost.
  • Use for soldering also?
  • Where to put it? Do we have enough space?
  • Where to store the acids?
    • Buy Mercury 65 furniture safe from Hornbach?
  • Inquire with the commune if we can get the ADHS space once they leave for the new school?


  • Extractor hood. With tubing?
    • Find an Extractor hood or build one.

BBQ Grill

Questions for commune

Items were handled during the debate on the ChemLab.

April 3rd, 2010


  • Syn2Sign
  • Discuss further handling of and the mallory project.
  • New wifi key
  • ChillyChill
    • investment on building the bar (also future blinkenlights extension)
    • organizing transport for more new furniture and kick out the old fridge
    • discuss room arrangement
    • wall paint? which color? where?
  • Syn2Sat are we allowed to put dish on roof?
  • new Web/Mailserver (share with C3L? [cf. sysops ml])
  • Selling drinks...
  • layouts for the member cards
  • Treasury
  • Old Rack



Where signs? ADHS ok, probably no problem. On the building? Current state is difficult to see.
Number 11 on facade: how to fix? => Use the round windows for displaying 11.
The top border of the building is probably metal. Magnetically fix a sign there. Design will be handled in the Syn2Sign project.
Idea to put little life-gliders everywhere. not really.
Maps in the bus-stops could be updated with the hackerspace location => ask commune/AVL/JCD.
Recreate sign every year cheaply instead of an expensive one. Banners (callico).
Illuminated sign has to be done. Buying will be too expensive.
Has the ADHS sign been created by commune? Ask Grun signalisation for their prices.
Syn2Sign project split in several sections for every sign (street, building...)
Use the blends to spell syn2cat by using reflective tape?!

Move list to the c3l environment, as syn2cat is probably not the best place hosting it. People are invited to get pgp keys signed (by david&georges) because the list will only be allowed to signed pgp keys.

New wifi key

Has to be changed as it's used for changing alarm. Not too complex.

Ask sim0n or Kwisatz for new wifi key!


  • investment on building the bar (also future blinkenlights extension)
where to get diffuse plexi-glas?
  • organizing transport for more new furniture and kick out the old fridge
new furniture is available, can get asap.
  • discuss room arrangement
seems to be ok
  • wall paint? which color? where?
currently some neon tubes are there. to be put as indirect lighting.
kitchen: move whiteboard to other room and paint wall with magnet paint.


Are we allowed to put dish on roof? Will start after chillychill is finished.
Meeting with Strassen will be end of april.
Join us if you are interested in sat stuff!

new Web/Mailserver

Current hoster sponsors the hosting cost by having their ad. So investment will be one-time.
Also rent VMs to other clubs?
Server issue is to be further discussed on sysops mailings list.
If anyone is interested in one of the VMs, please come forward.

Selling drinks

There is no club where the buvette is done by another organization than the one doing the infrastructure. This looks like problems.
The council will have another round of debates on this.

Layouts for the member cards

will have a mag stripe for experimentation
the nickname (login in the wiki) will be on it as a barcode and of course the new logo, maybe the PGP fingerprint (40 chars).


We don't have any treasurer. steve is overbooked. We need one. Georges Toth proposes himself.

Old Rack

The new rack will get the equipment from the little mobile rack. So the old one goes where. Just on the trash?
And the new? In the hall (need rack keys) after asking the commune.


  • plastic for maker bot has arrived.
  • the two sgi machines for the museum arrived.

March 6th, 2010


  • Membership cards
  • Chemical lab
  • Wall colors (Blackboard and magnetic paint have already been bought!)
  • MakerBot


RepRap or Makerbot?

Reprap is complicated to build as it needs quite some special tools we don't have (yet). Makerbot is more expensive but can be assembled more easily. And once we have a makerbot we can still use that to create a Reprap out of thin air (well, or... almost).

Chemical lab

Need a table which is not sensitive to chemicals. Some glass panes to contain eventual fumes (from etching, soldering and anything else making smelly smoke) and an extractor to remove the fumes.

Membership cards

What layout? The new logo of course, with the name, a barcode which may be used for the library and a magstripe for people to play with. The layout should have syn2cat and user's name on both sides so the card can be used as badge on lanyard.

  • Layout: Anne
  • Producing: Gunstick
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