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CDays 2010
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Contact Person(s): Macfreak109 (mail)
Where: Ettelbruck, Luxembourg (Ettelbruck, Luxembourg)
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CDays 2010

CDays is a yearly event organized by the lycée technique Ettelbruck where students (< 20 yrs) can experience technology like never before.


The main goal is to present interesting and intriguing workshops (but not too technical) so that the audience can get a feeling for technology. It should be planned in such a way that the people attending want to continue to work on a project or maybe even discover a new hobby or destiny.


CDays is intended to the "lycée technique" pupils, so from age 12 to 18 years (7e - 12e), the last study year (13e) will traditionally not participate.


Workshops can be planned for 50 minutes or 100 minutes. Classes will be presented a short description and can sign up for a workshop of their (or their teachers') choice. Visits are in whole classes only - thus meaning that there could be up to 25 visitors per workshop.


The CDays will take place in the "Lycée Technique Ettelbruck", see right side for exact location data. (Free) Parking spaces are available!


You can park your car(s) outside. There are many ways we can help you transport your stuff to the booth. Booths can be planned as you want them (max dimensions are 6m x 4m, but I can make an exception ;-) ). You need to send information of what you need :

  • table
  • chairs
  • power, extra fuse?
  • beamer with projection area
  • etc...

Please be as clear as possible.

Lunch, some drinks and coffee are free of charge for people attending. Everyone holding off a workshop will be given an official CDays Poloshirt (please include your shirt sizes), one lanyard with a nametag and possibly some gadgets (this depends on our budget ;-) ).

More information?

For more information, please turn to the website. There you will find some pics of last year. Take a look @ the YouTube vids for a better overview! Questions can be directed straight to mAcfreAk


I am going to do a workshop about Social Engineering in some kind of way. As I will know, who is going to attent this WorkShop, or even much more the talk, I will try with facebook, editus, my phone, an other stuff to create a full profil of some persons who are attenting.

This has at least 2 results:

  • those of them, who will have their own profile are immediately sensitised!
  • their classmates will be sensitised aswell, because their friends in school, and know each and everyone on facebook. You all know how social networking works ;)


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