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Rearrange the chill area into a comfy room.
Meetings: none
Type: misc

Status: concluded
Members: Gunstick, NPU, Prometheus, sim0n
Contact Person: Gunstick (mail)
QrCode: QR-e3df84ea01fb71ec1aa9e66cdb747536.png

Add 3 sofas, build a bar and move stuff around.


[edit] Concept

Initial idea was to put the kitchen part where the water is.

The bar design is so that we can put 4 crates of Mate stacked under it. And this about 10 times. This means a whole palette can be stored in the room. Wow! If we will ever do an interactive bar which needs some depth, one row of crates will have to be sacrificed. Also needed are barhockers... Compared to the initial chalkboard layout, the computer museum is now sitting in the entry space. Most of the cabinets are gone. Some can be fitted into the other room, the others could maybe put into the hallway? The red couches are new ones we can get for free, as well as the new TV stand.

The table in front of the big red couch is a normal table with cut legs. Voila: instant lounge table. The two tables in the corner are for doing admin stuff or to have a little work place outside of lab. Some quick rearrangement can transform those 2 tables into a meeting desk (need chairs...) But what about the chalkboard? It's still functional when folded up. Unfolding only works above the table level or above the bar level. But do we really need that? You may notice that on entering the room, you can see all windows (through the ikea rack for a part) Also view to the projection screen is possible from all seating places. This also means we can have speakers and presentations while dozing around on the couches.

[edit] Plan

The plan is made online using


[edit] Brainstorming

[edit] Building Photos

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