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Maybe the Wish-List was a RickRoll :(

Sorry to all peeps that were keen on this. I will ask my source once again and then we have to admit failure :(

N.B: Some comments have been added. Please see source to read those


X-Mas 2009 Wish-list


Hardware Tools

  • Proper Tools: http://www.proxxon.com/ OR Similar
    • Proxxon Rollgabelschlüssel RG 200, RG 250 und RG 300 all 3 ~90€
    • Proxxon MICRO-Click Drehmomentschrauber 5/S ~70€
    • Proxxon Komplettsatz mit Knüppelratschen S und L (1/4 und 1/2), 65-teilig ~112€
  • Proxxon Power Tools
    • Proxxon Eckenschleifer OZI 220/E ~94€
    • Proxxon Blockbandschleifer BBS/S ~110€
    • Proxxon TischBohrmaschine (TBD) ~300€
    • Proxxon Compact Werkstattsauger CW-matic ~150€
    • Proxxon Präzisionsdrehmaschine PD 230/E (Metal Lathe) ~699€
      • Späne-Auffangwanne mit Spritzschutz für die Drehmaschine PD 230/E
      • Zusatzmaterial für Drehmaschine



Computer Hardware

  • 4-8TB small RAID array or Linux server (music, backups) ~1700€
  • Wacom Cintiq 21x tablet + screen for our artists wacom ~1900€

Audiovisual equipment

  • complete satellite system comprising a DM8000, a multifeed dish with all cabling, switch and a post to put on the roof. Can all be found at http://www.sattv.lu/. ~1700€
  • HDTV set with a nice size or a HD projector so we can enjoy the HD awsomness of movies and self-made videos. 52" Model/brand choices: Sony KDL-55X4500 or KDL-52Z5500, Philips 52PFL9704H or 52PFL7404H, . ~2200-1400€
  • 2 or 3 new bulbs for our projectors ( Lamp : OSRAM , TYPE : P-VIP 280W/1.0 , Max Power: 280 W ) ~200€ each

Safety Equipment

  • a shower box (with back wall). At Hornbach a simple one costs ~400€ and the fully featured with steam bath, seat, mirror and more gimmicks costs ~1000€

Social activities


Online Libraries et al.

Couldn't we get that by being defined as a "library outpost" ? --kwisatz 14:51, 22 November 2009 (CET)

Network gear

  • 1-2 manageable 24port gigabit switch (1x Cisco SRW-2024 400€, 1-2x Netgear GS724T 300€ ).
  • 1 802.11n access point (e.g. Linksys WAG160N-E1) ~90€


THIS IS SUB-OPTIMAL: no midi, no ethernet, should be at least as awesome as the DX7



How far should entertainment go? In the opinion of some Space inhabitants we should rather try and roll our own instead of going off-shelf.

Not needed cause we get it

  • Meinberg DCF77 timeserver (LANTIME M200/PZF, AK03 : DCF77 Indoor Antenna).
    • Note by Georges: I can "organize" an older meinberg clock, but without the antenna and it connects via serial port. Will bring it ASAP.
      • Nice! connects via serial meaning it gives a PPS on the serial line ?
  • 2 or three comfy couches, at least one of which must be a sofabed
    • We don't get a sofabed though, do we? --kwisatz 18:59, 17 November 2009 (CET)
    • DONE: ChillyChill

Please help if Admin

Difficult to get

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