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==== syn<sub>2</sub>cat New Design ====
==== syn<sub>2</sub>cat General Assembly ====
==== syn<sub>2</sub>cat General Assembly ====

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Hackerspace in Strassen

Since September 30, 2009, syn2cat can be found in Strassen, close to the "les Thermes" in the rue du cimetière:

Strassen, former primary school "containers"

The place in Strassen is quite close to being perfect...it has 4 separate 60m2 rooms of which 2 are available to syn2cat. Every room has a seperate lock on the door. There are separate toilets for each sex and a small "serverroom" where the existing cabling infrastructure comes together. Situation is excellent...bus is just 50m away, parking spaces about 20 in front, 50 more further away. Direct proximity to "Les Thermes" and its Restaurant/Bar facilities.


The space's address is

11, rue du cimetière (am Hueflach)
L-8018 Strassen


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How to get there

For more detailed information, check mobiliteit.lu

  • by bus (23-27 min)
    How to get from the railway station to the space on foot
    • Use the bus #8 from Luxembourg/City towards Bertrange/Waassertuerm. Get out at Strassen/Grand-Duchesse Charlotte
A detailed schedule of the bus #8 run can be found by clicking on this link.
    • Alternatively, use the bus #222 (which doesn't run on sundays!).
Get out at Wollefsheck (near McDonalds), walk to the space. (~8 min | blue path)
A detailed schedule of the bus #222 run can be found by clicking on this link.
  • by train (5-6 min)
From Luxembourg Railway-Station, use the train in direction of Kleinbettingen, Gare
A detailed schedule can be found by clicking on this link.
Walk from the railway station to the space. (~20 min | red path)


syn2cat New Design

syn2cat General Assembly

syn2cat reloaded

Moving in the C3L sofa has produced a cozier, friendlier space for everyone. There is now a comfortable chill area and a clearly separated lab. We've also purchased another bookcase to house our growing collection of cellulose-bound knowledge.

syn2cat hackerspace

Before syn2cat

More details

  • Rules - there are a few rules and procedures we have agreed on adhering to.

Imagining the perfect place

A HackerSpace should be spacious with preferably a few smaller rooms to have different projects in.
The Kitchen is nearly a must (see Social Cooking) but it should be a bit shielded from any other rooms to avoid any smells.
A Bathroom is an interesting feat.
The Living Room Spacious enough to have a couch and big table
A good public transport link is a must too

The perfect place would have:

  • A low rent
  • Heating
  • Natural light / windows to open
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet(s)
  • Shower
  • Parking or at least the possibility to access it with a truck to (un)load stuff
  • A bus stop or railway station not too far away and available till late
  • Separate entry (not shared with the rest of the tenants) so that we can install our own access system
  • No (or deaf) neighbors
  • Easy to reach
  • Some storage rooms (basement/cellar) for server
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Possibility to install machinery / tools for making things à la Bre
  • Exhibition area
  • Conference/presentation area
  • Small room without windows/light (for photography stuff)
  • Access to Food (either Restaurants or Markets)
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