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This site is meant to describe the tools we use at syn2cat and to give an overview on when to use what tool. You might also want to check out the FAQ and our Guidelines.



At the space

Important Events

The Bootstrap Meeting, featured every first Saturday of a month, are sort of an institution and thus every member is encouraged to visit them. This is where you get to decide what happens at the space.


See Photoborg.


How to get funding

  • members present their project on the ML
  • on the bootstrap meeting a minimum of 6 ppl have to be present for the voting (2 of which must be a member of the council)
  • ppl decide whether we can afford funding
  • if possible funding, we decide case by case how much
  • no min no max limit
  • 40% upfront .... 60% later on ... if budget allows for it




Add an event by using the tools menu


The wiki's projects section is meant to present former, current and future projects. Present your project as detailed as possible, add pictures and links to the project's issue trackers and source code repositories if available.

Adding a new project presentation.

In contrast with the project management software on, the project descriptions on the wiki are not meant to contain task or issue trackers. This is the public façade to your project, advertise it well and incite people to participate.

Mailing Lists

Some of our mailing lists are described and linked to from our Communication page.

Project Management

Quick cheat sheet on how to use git for syn2cat:

On top of a redmine project you find a git URL. there is often a read only, and a read write version. Choose the RW version by clicking on the git+ssh button.

First time you work on a project? Copy paste the text into your unix shell:

git clone scheme://URL
git config push.default matching

You modified stuff and want to send it to the server? Do this:

git commit -a -m 'my commit message'
git push [whereto] [mybranch]

Want to retrieve stuff that others have modified? Here you go:

git pull

If you add a new file, you need to tell git about it:

git add path/to/the/file
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