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===Administrative Council===
===Administrative Council===
The administrative council of the current period (March 2012 - February 2013) consists of the following people:
The interim administrative council of the current period (July 2012 - August 2012) consists of the following people:
* [[User:Prometheus|Jan Guth]] (Secretary General) ([[Special:EmailUser/Prometheus|contact Jan]])
* [[User:Gunstick|Georges Kesseler]] (Secretary General) ([[Special:EmailUser/Gunstick|contact Georges]])
* [[User:Kwisatz|David Raison]] (Deputy Secretary) ([[Special:EmailUser/Kwisatz|contact David]])
* [[User:Thierry|Thierry Degeling]] (Deputy Secretary) ([[Special:EmailUser/Thierry|contact Thierry]])
* [[User:Sim0n|Georges Toth]] (Treasurer) ([[Special:EmailUser/Sim0n|contact Georges]])
* [[User:Kwisatz|David Raison]] (Treasurer) ([[Special:EmailUser/Kwisatz|contact David]])
* [[User:Gunstick|Georges Kesseler]] (Council Member) ([[Special:EmailUser/Gunstick|contact Georges]])
* [[User:The_metalgamer|Dennis Fink]] (Council Member) ([[Special:EmailUser/The_metalgamer|contact Dennis]])
* [[User:Slopjong|Romain Schmitz]] (Council Member) ([[Special:EmailUser/Slopjong|contact Romain]])
=== Contact ===
=== Contact ===

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Promoting social and technical innovations
Contact Person(s): Prometheus (mail)
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-1ab863a372bba97223e7235bdef3221f.png
A hackerspace is a place where people with similar interests in technology, science, art, culture, and making meet. Activities are not in the slightest restricted to only computer science, but also emerge from electronics, contemporary art, photography, and any and all other pursuits worth sharing. The hackerspace offers a turnkey infrastructure to its members where innovative projects that would not come to life in a garage, can find nourishment and support.

syn2cat a.s.b.l.

Association pour l'encouragement des innovations sociales et techniques.


Other Associations

We encourage and welcome other assocations to use our facilities for holding meetings or working on projects.

The minimum usage fee for associations is 9.5 EUR13.239 $
8.283 £
11.589 CHF
, regardless of the number of members. That is, each day a meeting is held in the hackerspace costs 9.5 EUR13.239 $
8.283 £
11.589 CHF
. This entitles all members of the association to 24 hours of access to the hackerspace on that day and, if possible and desired, gives the association private usage of one of the rooms in the space for up to 5 hours. Associations are limited to four meetings per month to ensure continued availability of the space to regular members.

What is the space worth to you?

Every association and individual should determine the membership fee by it-, him- or herself. That is, decide the actual amount of contributions according to their own capacities and space "usage", as well as by how much they're able and willing to contribute to financing the hackerspace and the projects carried out therein.

Why support syn2cat?

syn2cat is a non-profit organization that lives off it's membership fees and our supporters' donations. Your financial or material support helps run the association, finance projects and organize workshops for youth.


Legal Form

syn2cat is a non-profit organisation by Luxembourgian law:
syn2cat a.s.b.l. - Association pour l'encouragement des innovations sociales et techniques - RCS F7979

11, rue du cimetière
Pavillon "Am Hueflach"
L-8018 Strassen


The statutes as adopted on the General Assembly on March 5th, 2011: Statutes version 290311 (pdf)

Original statutes published on 25 June 2009 in the Memorial C N° 1227

Administrative Council

The interim administrative council of the current period (July 2012 - August 2012) consists of the following people:


The easiest way to contact the administrative council is to use our contact form.

General Assemblies

Next General Assembly

Past Assemblies



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