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Why pledge?

For larger projects or when acquiring tools for the hackerspace, we have seen that is to the benefit of said project if a number of people commit themselves to this project. The simplest and most effective way of assuring such commitment is to have people support the project financially. Investing your money into a project guarantees that you have and will keep an interest in it. This will quite simply prevent us from acquiring tools that nobody uses.

How does it work?

When a call for contributions is made, you will be referred to this page and you'll find a section specific to that very project. You will then be able to pledge your support to that project by editing that section and adding the amount of money you are willing to contribute (You should also adapt the percentage meter).
However, you don't just pay yet!
Once enough people have pledged their support (i.e. the green color fills up the percentage meter) you will be asked to transfer the amount you pledged to our account. That way, nobody will have to transfer any money until we are sure to get all the support we need. Once we're there, we'll let you know what transfer detail to use to identify your pledge.

Here's an example:

Shoe-shining-Machine 1234 EUR

Pledged: € 230 (18.6%) Missing: € 1004 (81.4%)

Percentage meter

You can simply copy-paste this code to add a percentage meter to your pledge section:

Running pledges


On Kris' initiative, we're attempting to acquire a CNC router assembly kit, Shapeoko.
Total cost is around 525 EUR731.635 $
457.749 £
640.437 CHF
for the basic materials which are extensible though. You can have a look at the June Bootstrap Minutes for more detailed information.

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