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These are our current and future projects, as well as an abundant array of project suggestions. Should you be interested in doing one of these or yet another project, simply join our mailing list and state so. We're anxious to get started on some of these awesome ideas!

To create a new project wiki page, please use the project form or include the Template:Project to add some practical information.

There is also a lot of new projects at If you can think of a way to automatically get them onto here, please implement it or let us know!


Running Projects

Ikea LED Walllets add some fancy WS2812b LEDs to the big Ikea wallhardwareSid
Retro-PSU money boxUsing a coffee-cup as till for our little sweets/drinks shop has proven to be problematic, because some people took it as free-to-take money source. We will replace it with a piggy-bank type box where money can be thrown in but not taken out. A beautiful old home-made PSU functions as box itself. We will add an arduino driven code lock that can unlock the box.securityJoekutz
PiDora raspberry pi caring about open/close of Level2securityMuling
USRPUniversal Software Radio PeripheralhardwareMuling
HackerJeopardyThe syn2cat version of the well known hacker jeopardyhardwareGunstick
RadioShowLët'z Hack! D'Hacker-Emissioun vu syn2cat op Radio ARAmediaPrometheus
Membership Management ToolA tool designed to manage your membership. (MeMaTool)softwareSim0n
ComputerMuseumlittle collection of classic computer systemshardwareGunstick
Lasertag linuxwe've ported the popular lasertagging software to LinuxsoftwareBartek

Stalled Projects

These projects have been started but are currently stalled for one or the other reason. Contact the project's leader to restart it.

HacKidsKids are the future. So let's give them the knowledge and tools to design their own.misc
Pentium2AtariPut PC hardware into the case of an Atari SThardware
MwRegExtExtending the Mediawiki registration extension used at HaxoGreen 2010 and haxogreen 2012softwareKwisatz
DeliciousThingsFood is delicious, especially when hackedmiscMacfreak109
ChaosVPNInter Hackerspace private networknetworkSim0n
Syn2SatInstall satellite equipment for viewing enjoyment and sky scanningmediaGunstick
Swarm BotsThis projects aims at creating robots that communicate and work together to accomplish an given taskhardwareTrollchen
Electr-O-MatPimp my electrical installation in the Hackerspace.hardwareNPU
Mac-a-TagMultipoint Lasertagging with MacintoshmiscGunstick
Clutter Experimentsclutter is a next-generation canvas library for open architecturessoftwareBartek
TagBotpan & tilt robot with cairomm/gtkmm drawing interfacehardwareBartek
Syn2SignBuilding signs to hang next to the "TreffADHS" ones outside our space.miscKwisatz
LetterRackBuild an awesome big letterbox out of a half height computer rack.hardwareSteve

Future (planned) Projects

Syn2rbineCreate electricity from a windmill or wind turbinehardwareKwisatz
FogScreenLaminar Flow Fog ScreenhardwareGunstick
BOINC2synBOINC uses personal computers / server's processor units overcapacity to support their own scientific calculations.softwarePrometheus
Toolset Documentationdocumentation for the syn2cat toolsetsoftwareBartek
Christmas Facechristmas-themed video installationartBartek
Function generatorWith this function generator one can generate sine, triangle and rectangle wave forms with a variable frequence from 1kHz up to 1MHz.hardwareSlopjong
WarzoneProjectInter HackerSpace Security effortsecuritySteve
ChemLabBuild a small chemistry labmiscSim0n
GliderStreamgame of life gliders on an endless processionhardwareGunstick
FollowTheLightartistic projections using openFrameworks or FreeJartKwisatz
DigitalBackPackThe Digital Back Pack will be an overlay project for the real World and the Digital world.miscSteve
Instructablesfor people in developing countries, e.g. micro-generators, photothermal installations, water filtration systemscharityBartek

Project ideas

SMS2SpaceA LED scroller where people can send SMS and mails to, to be read by anonymous at the space.miscKwisatz

U19 section

DigitalBackPackThe Digital Back Pack will be an overlay project for the real World and the Digital world.miscSteve

Concluded Projects

GameCookiesGame theme inspired cookiesartNPU
Tweet2catsummarize syn2cat feeds to twitter automaticallysoftwarePerforin
Syn2wallBuilding up a wall in the chill to create a quiet, neat library in the Hackerspace.miscNPU
CortanaThe project's name Cortana regroups an enormous amount of ideas to improve syn2cat's sensors as capabilities to communicate within the community as well as with the outside world.networkPrometheus
DeaddropsAnonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public spacenetworkPerforin
Wii2MadThe idea is to convert Logic Gates into mechanical ones, with the same properties. The electrical impules are simulated by marbles.miscGunstick
ChillyChillRearrange the chill area into a comfy room.miscGunstick
KeyBiteA slap of chocolate looking like a keyboardartGunstick
TouchyInstall linux on an old Siemens TRADEBOARD EsoftwareGunstick
TeraSpacegeneral disk storage for everyonehardwareGunstick
SauveTaLibertetranslate into frenchmediaGunstick
BlinkentreeWe built our own blinking X-mas tree for the market in Strassen.hardwareSlopjong
Blinkentree DEBlinkenTree stellt eine der Weihnachtsaktivtäten des syn2cat Hackerspace dar.hardwareSlopjong
RadiusBridgeUse your wiki password for wireless lan.softwareSim0n
Syn2Skina custom layout for our wikimediaBartek
RekultDo walls dream of recycled sheep?artSteve

Looking for inspiration?

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