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Wollts du schon ëmmer däin eegene Programm um Computer schréiwe?

Mais waars ofgeschreckt dass et ze schwéier ass?

Äntwerten op dës Froen kriss de am HackerSpace zu Stroossen.

De Contenu vum Cours ass absolutt ideal fir Ufänger an der Programmatioun. Dir braucht keng Virahnung ze hunn.

Dir kennt entweder ären Laptop matbréngen oder ee vun de Laptoppe am Space benotzen.

Dëse Cours ass GRATIS fir dem HackerSpace seng Memberen also gëff och du Member.

De cours ass all 2 Wochen Mëttwochs vun 19h00 - 21h00

contact the office


Did you ever want to start programming your OWN program?

Where you afraid it was too hard, or you didn't have what it takes?

All of this will be answered in syn2cat's Python Nights where you get taught how to tame the beast.

The introductory courses will be VERY basic!

You don't need ANY prior experience apart from how to open programs and type text. (oh, yeah and click on things)

You can join in anytime not fixed begin, or end for the courses.

And best of all it is FREE for it's members. So tag along and join us.

For advanced users

There are a couple of python projects that would benefit the hackerspace:

  • Trac plugin that interfaces with the facebook api to retrieve a group's member list
  • Trac plugin that provides FireGPG authentication
  • Extending Trac to include TracWiki diffs in its RSS feed
  • control & interaction software for REKULT

Should any of these catch your attention, don't hesitate to contact the office.

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