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VERY good example:



  • Create jingle
  • Select music
  • Ask permission from (cc-nc & other) artists


  1. Jingle (--> create)
  2. A new radio show? By whom? What about? (Contents-->outlook)
  3. S1: Ytcracker: Meganerd
  4. What kind of music was that? (Music genres in this show)
  5. Hackerspaces?
    1. Why spaces for Hackers? What happens in there?
    2. What was one's motivation to start hacking an joining the HS? (Maybe ; ~3 of us could explain their story --> how everything started)
  6. S2: Binärpilot: Bend
      1. Existing Hackerspaces abroad? --> c-base
      2. History and Politics of HS (
      3. Who can participate? (explain bout clubs and orgs being able to rent the space?)
  7. (song3)
    1. Are all Hackers evil? (Steve's Podcast reloaded?!)
  8. (song4)
  9. What have we done so far? (see below)
  10. (song5)
  11. What will we do next? (see below)
  12. (song6)

Music Scheme


Background music during talk? "Tapis". Some like it some hate it. Note that electronic music can be very annoying, like a phone ringing all the time. --Gunstick 21:20, 17 July 2009 (UTC)


See the documents on the About page.


Syn2cat is a local ASBL that allows technical versatile (young) people to work on common projects, develop ideas and get inspired by others. We are supporting the effort to induce technical interest and sharing know-how amongst the hacker community. So it is not about how to rob your local bank, but more to initiate technical interest in the "how does that thing work?"-field.


Syn2cat gets support from its members and hopes to receive local support form the council where our future location will be established. For the moment, we're looking for a place to stay, where we can build up our hardware and hold our meetings or found new ideas. Suggestions of any kind are always welcome!

Running projects

As of last week, we supported [ C3L] in their effort to point out security problems with the new biometric passports. 
We held a Lasertagging session in the city's MNHA last february with the help of the [ Graffiti Research Lab Luxembourg]
Showed the pupils of the LTEttelbrück what Hacking means, build Throwies and soldered Kits together. All this during their yearly CDays fare 
Co-Organized SummerCamp09' which took place in Dudelange from July 1st to July 5th 2009.

So, we are still pretty active despite the fact that we have no fixed infrastructures.

Currently very actively searching for a new space, with Ad's, Connections and Letters to VIP's.
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