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Creative Licensing
Participants: SteveClement, Tschew
Recording: 2009/11/11 04:00:00 PM
Broadcast: 2009/11/14 01:00:00 PM
Podcast Release: 2009/11/14 05:00:00 PM
Podcast: File:LetzHack ep5 20091114 podcast.ogg
Songs: See list of all songs
QrCode: QR-40b6d4922f9514aabe6f2d308f185d97.png


  • Jingle
  • Intro: Preview of today's show
  • Review and Outlook: The Hacker Calendar, what Conventions and Events are upcoming?

  • Hacker News
    • If applicable: New Projects at the space.
    • If applicable: Upcoming Workshops.
    • Tool news (cf. Linux Magazin)


  1. Welcome audience and walk through the today's program.
  2. Review and Outlook: The Hacker Calendar, what Conventions and Events are upcoming?
  3. Creative Licensing, what can be licensed?
    1. Now Backup up a notch, Patent = License/Copyright?
      1. Explain rudimentary difference between the two
    2. Pictures
    3. Software
    4. Music
    5. Designs (on the edge)
    6. Colors?
  4. The music program in the show today and the licensing scheme.
    1. What was Rekult Vol.2 and how did we participate?
    2. First song intro and marginal infos about De Läb
Song: Latzebuerg feat. Opposition
Artist De Läb
Title Latzebuerg feat. Opposition
Duration 05:12
Album MySpace_RIP
License Commercial
Description Luxembourgish Artist (indie hip-hop)
Artist's website

  1. Some more info about De Läb and the CD Buying issue
  2. Net Labels
  3. Ralph Zeimet vun Schnurstrax records (what is Schnurstrax Records)
  4. The old way
  5. SACEM
    • Verwertungsgesellschaft fir Musék, société civile
  6. Explanations by Bob Krieps
    • Verwertungsgesellschaft fir Bild an Text, asbl
  8. Explanations Romain Jeblick
  9. ALGOA.
    • Lëtzebuergesch Duechter vun der AGICOA, asbl ënnert Schwäizer Recht, Verwertungsgesellschaft fir Audiovisuell Produktiounen (TV Serien, Filmer etc..) 0.5 Milliarden verschafft säit 2000. 850.000 Wierker
Song: Saigon
Artist Dog Bless You
Title Saigon
Duration 3:55
Album This could be anywhere
License CC
Description French Artist and friend (downtempo electronica)
Artist's website

  1. Bootleg that shit!
    1. What is bootlegging and why you can't even use it privately
  2. Your teacher is a criminal too!
    1. ChaosRadio: Copyright at absurdum ... Et kann een argumenteieren dass een "Kulturgüter" di duerch Copyrights geschützt sinn net als Kulturgüter ugesi kann, well d'Kultur esou staark ageschränkt gett an dem wat se mat deene Saache maachen kann.
Song: Skycastles
Artist ReadyDot
Title Skycastles
Duration 2:36
Album strx042
License CC
Description Luxembourgish Artist (electrolash)
Artist's website

  1. Where do I get that stuff?
    1. Torrentz, Mules and other beasts
Song: Akribia
Artist Midicrash
Title Akribia
Duration 2:07
Album Volume One
License CC (or similar)
Description Luxembourgish Artist (live electronics)
Artist's website

  1. Consequences? When do I go to jail?
Song: pet sematary (korg ds-10 version)
Artist SecretSpeech
Title pet sematary (korg ds-10 version)
Duration 2:15
Album Thirteen
License CC
Description Luxembourgish Artist (live electronics)
Artist's website

  1. Why the industry has lost the war on... errr, sorry why locking up 10 year old kids doesn't win you a Grammy.
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