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* Fan with LEDs turning around like crazy
* Fan with LEDs turning around like crazy
* Notebook with external sound speakers to show videos by syn2cat (remember the one from XMAS '10 ?)
* Notebook with external sound speakers to show videos by syn2cat (remember the one from XMAS '10 ?)
* Wireless Electricity LED :)
=== Forest ===
=== Forest ===

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Syn2cat @ Nuetsrallye 2011
Ghosts'n'Goblins @ Strassen
Type of Event: Event
From: 2011/09/02 07:00:00 PM
Till: 2011/09/02 11:59:00 PM
Recurring: no
Organizer: Jugendkomissioun Strassen
Cost: 0 EUR0 $
0 £
Mandatory registration:

Attendees: Macfreak109, Kwisatz, Peter, iThierry, Azunix
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Contact Person(s): Macfreak109 (mail)
Where: Fräiheetsbam, Strassen (Fräiheetsbam, Strassen, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-a9566da9f3105c39093e5c9d8e507791.png
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Announce globally: yes
The nightrallye organized by the youth commission of Strassen will feature some special effects by syn2cat

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Nuetsrallye 2.0

The local youth commission will organize a nightrallye departing from Strassen (Fräiheetsbaam) and syn2cat will deliver some special effects for decorating the surroundings.

Furthermore, we will have a small expo booth where we will provide visitors with information.

Note to GRL savvy hackers : The place is craving for a lasertag ;-)


Add your name to the attendee list by adding your name in the form view.


29th of August 2011

Have a look at the other headlines which have been created added with information this evening.

Present: NPU, sim0n, the_metalgamer, peter & prometheus


A detailed scheudule to subscribe for the Nuëtsrally activity can be found here. The table below should illustrate the different states of what actions will take place at the given time slots.

Phase Description Time
0 Preparation During the week
1 Set-Up 17h30 - 19h00
2 Processing 19h00 - 23h00
3 Fold Up 23h00 - 01h00
4 Chill Out @ syn2cat with Mate 01h00 - 03h00



  • Ducktape
  • Flashlights
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Power stripes
  • Spotlight
  • List with participants of syn2cat and phone numbers for the ones in the forest
  • First Aid Kit
  • GPS's

Public Relations

  • Camera --> taking pictures
  • Video camera --> recording footage from the stand as going the way through the forrest and showing the path; the after party would be hacking a nice video together and publishing it on the blog and wiki



  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Throwies
  • Fan with LEDs turning around like crazy
  • Notebook with external sound speakers to show videos by syn2cat (remember the one from XMAS '10 ?)
  • Wireless Electricity LED :)


  • Threads (Faden) which hang from one tree to another in the horizontal way on which throwies are hanging down # thorwies mat fiedem drun fir am Besch obzehänken
  • CAUTION sign with LEDs on the borders and cool saying in the middle or picture
  • Glue more throwies together - some sort of ball - and have a - "Throwie Wollknäuel"
  • A white blanket that should fall from the trees and serve in some sort as ghost - waisst Duch soll als Geecht fungéiren

- seel an der mett firmam bauch dran ze rennen, throwies sollen d'ennpunkter beliichten

  • Ding Dong things (bells) with batteries (Infrared)- ding dong denger mat batterie (infrared / lichtschranke)
  • V for Vendetta maks - fill the eyes with red LEDs and the mouth as well - may be a different color ; don't forget the hat --> hang it somewhere where it looks scary
  • Take the little cable tree from the chill, hang a few LEDs on the branches and positionate it somehwehere nice

- Netz mat 'Blirder' → Variabel mat Seel if zéien dann alles ob den Kapp - Houséker klack wanns de mat den feiss dran renns

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