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[[Has Interest::User:gunstick|Gunstick]]

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[edit] Description

The Web and Server management group assembles the sysops, server, and infrastructure maintainers. Their job is to keep the servers running and keep all of its software up2date and running smoothly. As membership in this group includes great power and thus great responsibility, the existing server administrators reserve the right to themselves to scrutinize applications to this group. Still fear not, we will be happy to teach you the trade.
I.e., you don't need to a an über-admin to join this group, but you should be able to demonstrate your motivation, possible skillz and ack the responsibilities and duties. This group is also about sharing knowledge and increasing the know-how of the group.

[edit] Activities

  • Administrate various servers and related infrastructure
    • lusitania.lan
    • syndi.lan
    • UPS
    • switches
  • Keep software up2date
  • Maintain tight security with regular reviews
  • Ensure backups are working as expected
  • Ensure replication services are healthy
  • Monitor global infrastructure health
  • Develop scripts to ease administration in general
  • Maintain and update codebase (wiki extensions, redmine plugins, etc...)

[edit] Responsibilities

You should read SAGE Administrator Ethics and always have it in mind when doing your job as part of this group. It is also a good idea to have a look at the Admin Zen and maybe place it next to your computer or something ;-).

[edit] Requirements

  • Knowledge of Linux or strong motivation to learn it in and out
  • Motivated to get the job done, whatever it might be
  • Willing to learn new things
  • Knowledge of a programming language (HTML, JS, bla... do not qualify !), or willing to learn
  • Strong ethics
  • Capable of admitting that you don't know a particular thing and ask a fellow admin
  • Documentation skillz

[edit] Tools

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