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(People who are interested in this event)
(People who are interested in this event)
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* [[user:Miko | Miko]] - 70€
* [[user:Miko | Miko]] - 70€
* [[user:Muling | Muling]] - 60-70€
* [[user:Muling | Muling]] - 60-70€
* [[user:Rif| Rif]] - max 67€
== Program ==
== Program ==

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TED live webcast
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From: 2010/02/09 08:00:00 PM
Till: 2010/02/13 09:45:00 PM
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Attendees: everyone
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General information

The TED2010 conference will take place from the 9-13 of February in Long Beach.
There will be a live webcast, available for associate members, only.

The idea is to apply for a (1 year) membership and organize an event where we can watch the live webcast together.

The location for this is not fixed yet, my proposal would of course to do this at the hackerspace.

As the fee is quite high (995$/665€) we will have to gather enough people in order for the fee/person not to be too high.

Also included in the associate membership are, conference DVDs, TED Book Club and other stuff.

Anybody who is interested in this, please put your name on this site as soon as possible.

Bare in mind that as this is a live webcast, and the time difference is +9h (AFAIK), there will be night sessions ... check the program page for details.

People who are interested in this event

Put your name here:


Session 1: Insight
Looking beyond the crisis (Nobel Laureate Economist. Global Hedge Fund Manager. Historian. Futurist.)

Session 2: Courage
When the going got tough, who had what it took? (Entrepreneur. Contrarian Investor. Mountaineer. Humanitarian.)

Session 3: Discovery
Are there answers in nature? Who's finding them? (Astronomer. Paleontologist. Geneticist. Nanotech Researcher. Explorer.)

Session 4: Provocation
This is a great team to be challenged on some fundamentals. (Corporate Critic. Libertarian. Hacker. Rap Artist.)

Session 5: Invention
Who is dreaming up the new ideas we need? (Smart-Grid Designer. Collaboration Catalyst. Concept Animator.)

Session 6: Imagination
Who can nourish our sense of wonder? (Theoretical mathematician. Sculptor. Landscape Artist. Musician.)

Session 7: Inspiration
Can a wish truly inspire change? (The TED Prize winners.)

Session 8: Reason
How do we think smarter -- about the world, and about ourselves? (Media reformer. Statistician. Neuro-scientist. Philosopher.)

Session 9: Energy
Both metaphorically and literally. (Nuclear reactor designer. Radical Biofuels. Motivational Coach. Dance Troupe.)

Session 10: Laughter
There really is a funny side... And humor can catalyze understanding. (Comic author. TV host. Filmmaker. Stand-up. Singer-songwriter.)

Session 11: Simplicity
Is too much complexity a threat to our world? To our happiness? (Former Derivatives Trader. Legal System Reformer. User Interface Designer. Monk.)

Session 12: Wisdom
Step back, and the view looks different. (Anthropologist. Story Teller. Slum Dweller. Sage.)

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