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Thorben Grosser on Event Marketing
What do Iran and Walt Disney have in common? Is marketing not just advertising?
Type of Event: Workshop
From: 2011/12/19 20:00
Till: 2011/12/19 22:00
Recurring: no
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Website: http://www.charelbuchler....
Attendees: Gunstick, Kwisatz, 6eorges, NPU, Azunix
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Contact Person(s): Azunix (mail)
Keywords: events, event, marketing, advertising, events marketing, thorben, thorben grosser
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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This talk will look into how these two kinds of event marketing differ and will deliver hand-on ideas and inspiration on how to use event marketing for small not-for-profits such as syn2cat. The talk is not designed to be a stiff lecture, but will try to generate ideas and inspiration from an exchange in an informal setting.

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Event marketing and event marketing are two totally different fields with two totally different meanings. Both are extremely useful for organisations on every scale, from small not-for-profits up to high-class corporations. What do Iran and Walt Disney have in common? Is marketing not just advertising? And how can I make this work for my organisation?

[edit] About Thorben Grosser

Thorben Grosser is an event marketing Student at Queen Margaret University, Scotland. In his free time he's a teller / projectionist / promoter / technician at his beloved Ciné Sura in Echternach. As well Thorben writes for the well known luxembourgish blog: pianocktail. In the mean time he travels around the world and tweets about it.

Thorben in the web:

[edit] Contact

If you are having any inquiry about the event, do not hesitate to contact Azunix. If you have a question, I surely have an answer. There will be some snacks for that evening.

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