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My past projects (before hackerspaces got invented)

Good old computer demo programming, in the times where computers were so low powered that 3D grafics was a huge task and even just moving some objects on the screen got the CPU to it's limits. I was member of a luxemburgish programming crew called Unlimited Matricks which focussed on coding on the Atari ST platform. More infos can be found on the website. Some of the creations can be seen on youtube but would requite some technological background to understand what has been achieved and why some people go aaah and oooh over this stuff.

On some expo at CRP-HT (lilux?) there was a maze with a Minstrorms robot and I quickly hacked together a little algorithm to send the robot through the maze without hardcoding the maze. It was pretty good, even getting out from stuck in corners only by using touch sensors. The people at the robot booth were interested in the program and they saved it for later use. If some of those guys read this: yes that was me.

Another more recent project was a "mechatronical" CD changer (means that it did not have any own logic). Here you get the youtube video of the beast.

Current project is studying everything in relation with multitouch for controlling computers.

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