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Ohhh you want contact details:

steve _the_Add-SIGN_

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Project involvements



U19 Activities

Syn2cat JugendSummer2009 workshop






never ending

...see more orphaned pages

Con attndence

- Defcon - CCC - Euro BSD Con -


Remarks from Camp_Sourcing

Lightning Crowd source.

Attention span off ppl: 20-30minutes
Total discussion time: 45 minutes


What's Crowdsourcing
No rules, no limitations, ANY Language!
Just do it!
Motivating ppl to join
What about Girls? (I fucked up and forgot to give the voice to them :( #fail)
Politics and Hacking
The perfect space? (N/O/S/W)
Whats next?
  • Side/Closing Note - Respect in HackerSpaces & Paranoia & Trust

Keywords gathered:

Let girls discover for themselves
Women only geek girl dinner
no pointing out




Give challenges

ClockDVA - The Hacker
ClockDVA - Sonology of Sex (was that a suggestion, too?)
Greatful Death
Kraftwerk - Nummern
Kraftwerk - Computerwelt
Miss Kittin and the Hacker - 1982
Einstürzende Neubauten - ?
Nine Inch Nails - Zero Sum
Deltron 3030 - Virus
Combichrist - HAL9000
Living Colour - Type
Bodenständig 2000 - Kabelfreaks
Bodenständig 2000 - Die Tragödie Von Karl-Dieter
Flights of the Conchords - Robots
Weird Al Yankovic - White & Nerdy
Lützenkirchen - 3 Tage Wach (at least that's already a hacker song  
meme at the Metalab)
The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) - Design Coding
Kenji Kawai - Making of Cyborg
Daft Punk - ?
McGuyver's opening
Marilyn Manson - Posthuman (?)
Daft Punk - Technologic (
Aphex Twin - Equation (
The Timelords / KLF - Doctorin' The Tardis ( 
Front242 - headhunter (
Richard Stallman - Free Software song ( 
a bit of 'Humppa' (  ?)
The Firm - Star trekkin' (
nerdcore ( ?)
some 8bit beats ( ?) (every OS Sucks)
MC Frontalot - Secrets from the future, You are in a Dark Room

Konmpressor - Kompressor Does not Dance

Add "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi

- Avenue Q's Internet is for Porn (

- Art Of Noise's Paranoimia (

- Module's Robotic Tanz (hard to find. The band is at

- Beastie Boys' Get It Together (
for the Ma'Bell ref.

- Chumbawamba's Add me (thanks alice :)

- Some Psychic TV, CD Slopper (cd scratching by a member of FarmersManual,
anything Mego [])...

- For Einsturzende Neubauten, I'd go for something in Kollaps or Halber Mensch

Skazin sound - LoveInAnotherDimention
Coffeetrim - Open your Eyes
Damir - Business

CCC - Lightning Talk notes

Motivation and Participation sux, big time. In this talk I will be as aggressive as possible for approximately 2 minutes (Thank god I watched all episodes of House to know how to effectively do that) I will take the piss out off the .lu Population for being rich and more worried about what to do with their wealth than actually engaging in ANYTHING. I will become very personal and point out my personal flaws about procrastinating at certain times. But revaluing my situation (yep excuses are my favorite) by explaining that I get bursts of motivation and make up for being a slacker by improvising a great deal and that be my talent!

Along the entire speech I will try to explain the complex psychology that Motivation actually is (yep I neglect participation because one does not come without the other)

In the mid-part I take the pressure of my folks by essentially slacking off everyone, from the OpenSource community to the charity workers. Leveling out the different fields and making clear that no matter where you are and in what situation you are currently in the problems will stay similar. (Cite the Problem of the homeless guy that does not have time, mock statistics!)

Yo whats up dog

Participation can be enhanced by positive thinking. The role model concept comes into mind. Hackers do not like hierarchy so this is a weird concept.

Capitalism and participation, do poor people participate more.

Hacking capitalism. How to?

To be against, is it a solution?

New media participation. How to to give them the necessary spark? Online!

Networking people together. Use communication schemes BUT effectively if you speak a lot of words FUCK it let someone ELSE do the talking.

coming back to Luxembourg, small communities USE them. I hate to say it but: Think Global ACT local!

Solicitations for participation:

- arguments - stuff one knows


Radio Shows

Participated in #1, #2, #4, #5, #7 & #8


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