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Please READ the information contained in the tool-tips (click on a question mark).

Are you attending?
If you're attending this event, please add yourself here. Do not use this to specify your target group. Do so in the description
Mandatory information
Type of Event: Be more specific, what type of event is it exactly?
Subtitle (max. 80 chars): This will appear on the front-page, next to your event's title.
Description (max. 500 chars): This will appear in the main (left) section of your page. This must be set to be able to announce this event globally, so you should be quite detailed here.
Contact Person: Whom can people contact for questions?
Organizer: Pick an organisation
Recurring: Does this very event recur? (Monthly, Weekly, ...). Please note that recurring events will currently not be displayed on all lists and calendars.
Starts on: If you set the recurring field to any other value than no, you need to set a timespan here into which the above period fits at least once.
Ends on:
Location: Please pick a location from the list on the left.
Optional information
Logo: If you don't set your own picture, the default will be used. In order for our events to appear in the City Agenda or Agendalux publications, they need to have an image with at least 1150px in width or height. You can upload one here if you have one. Give only the name, without namespace. I.e. Picture.jpg, not File:Picture.jpg Upload file
Alternate Picture: An alternate picture to be uploaded to external agendas. Remember that either width or height need to be larger than 1000px for it to appear in a printed publication. Upload file
Announce globally? Should we announce this event on external calendars and on twitter? Setting this to "yes" requires a complete description and subtitle. QoS: If you set this to "yes", pay utmost attention that your event description is detailed and accurate. Don't set to "yes" unless your date is fixed!
Cost: Takes values like 0 EUR, 0 € or 12 USD
Mandatory registration: Is registration mandatory for this event?
Ticket URL: Give a direct URL to a ticketing system, if available.
Is it a U19 event: Is this an event for youth?
Extra Information: Any extra information to be displayed on the frontpage on the day this event takes place?
Keywords: Add keywords separated by commas so this event can be matched to other events and projects.

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