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Chem Lab
Build a small chemistry lab
Meetings: none
Type: misc

Status: planning
Members: sim0n
Contact Person: everyone (mail)
QrCode: QR-079f37d64f7ab906fe2f5fa1c9771ed9.png

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There are requests and thoughts about etching PCBs at the space, which obviously involves playing with dangerous chemicals. Thus doing this in the space right now, is not possible. There's no right way to store the chemicals, nor to work with them in a safe way.
Hence the idea to build a small chemistry lab in the space which could be used for etching but also for serious soldering works, especially if other ppl are in the space who aren't so thrilled about sitting in the same room :-).


The following is a more or less high level list of things we need:

  • Tile-table
  • Sort of cabin build on top of the tile-table
  • Extractor hood for on top of the cabin
  • More or less powerful fan for mounting on the hood
  • Tubing for connecting to a hole in the wall or laying outside through the window



Tile Table

A cheap option to build this tile table would be to take a table of any sorts (wood, metal), and put the tiles on it.
The table should have a raised border (half a centimeter to a centimeter) so that chemical spills don't run onto your feet and the floor.
One should probably apply the tile glue on raw wood, so it will need sanding before you put the tiles on.


One could either use plexi-glass for constructing it, or simply bare wood or something applied to the wood ... ?

Plexiglass is very expensive and becomes milky when exposed to acid / solvent fumes.
The best option in my opinion (Tschew) is to buy a cheap but strong kitchen extractor hood and add some walls and a sliding movable plexiglass door to it. The whole thing could even be arranged as a unit together with the table:
Get some wooden beams, attach beams to table, attach beams to extractor hood, put walls around the space in between (ideally you would tile these walls too so that major spills can't damage them), a sliding glass window at the front. Finally attach a piece of extractor tubing to the hood fan and lead it out the window when you work. This can then later be connected to the holes that the commune may or may not drill.

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