General Assembly March 2013

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|attendees=Sid, Gunstick, Muling,  Steve, Mullebutz, Sim0n, Tatianasan, Nick17, Kwisatz, Stereo
|attendees=Sid, Gunstick, Muling,  Steve, Mullebutz, Sim0n, Tatianasan, Nick17, Kwisatz, Stereo, Destructive, serialc,  Trefex
|subtitle=General Assembly March 213
|subtitle=General Assembly March 213

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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General Assembly March 2013
General Assembly March 213
Type of Event: Event
From: 2013/03/16 18:00
Till: 2013/03/16 20:00
Recurring: no
Organizer: syn2cat
Cost: 0 EUR0 $
0 £
Mandatory registration:

Attendees: Sid, Gunstick, Muling, Steve, Mullebutz, Sim0n, Tatianasan, Nick17, Kwisatz, Stereo, Destructive, serialc, Trefex
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Contact Person(s): Gunstick (mail)
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-92a6797ea844fdbe68a1f4ebf3d16b4d.png
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It's just half a year since the extraordinary general assembly and here we go again for an new regular General Assembly (GA).

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The date was proposed on Bootstrap_2013-01 and mentioned in mails the 21st January and 14th February. The official invitation will be sent out soon. A preliminary agenda was formulated by office on the meeting of 9th February.


Some items need to be done before the assembly

  • audit of accounts (16/02/2013) DONE
  • prepare voting sheets and result sheets
  • before opening assembly verify quorum (50%)
  • candidates have to do their candidature before start of GA
  • secure a room


this can be modified until 1st march 2013

  • decide on voting board
  • approve agenda
  • activity report 2012
  • Presentation of 2012's receipts and expenditures
  • Discharge of the treasurer by our auditors
  • discharge of office
  • Presentation of new activities 2013
  • Election of a new administrative council
  • Election of a new treasurer
  • Election of president and vice president
  • Call for two financial auditors for 2013


To be candidate, you have to send an email to indicating if you want to be President, Vice-President, Treasurer or office member.

who post email date
Gunstick President Tue, 26 Feb 2013 20:11:40 +0100
sid Treasurer Tue, 26 Feb 2013 21:56:55 +0100
Stereo Vice President Wed, 27 Feb 2013 15:22:13 +0100

Vote delegations

Remember: do not announce delegations to people already listed below: they either are not coming or already have a delegation. First ask personally the delegate if s/he accepts.
Your proxy must bring a valid proof of delegation to the GA or you have to send a PGP signed email to

member's pseudo vote delegated to verified via
thierry kwisatz signed piece of paper (the office has this, muling, sid and gunstick saw it!)
Kenn Stereo signed piece of paper with funky signature
Bartek Gunstick PGP signed email

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