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[edit] The Big Wishlist

This list contains everything which we would like to have donated or purchased for the syn2cat hackerspace. There is stuff of any kind, gadget, toy, tool, electronics tool-set, computer equipment ...

Make your choice.

To submit your offer, simply send a mail to info@hackerspace.lu

This list does not contain anymore the items we already got, this can be found on Infrastructure.

[edit] To be sorted

  • Nappy pins
  • Light table

[edit] General tools

sander (Schleifmaschine)
Orbital sander.png
And kind will do, belt or flat.

Thermal imaging camera

High speed slow motion camera

welding equipment
We have not yet started to do metal work, but there are already ideas what to build.

Fully equipped tool box (or just the tools)
Pliers, cutters etc...
Always good to have in your tool box

Good quality bolt and screwdrivers
Some tools are already in our collection, more is always better. If you want to buy, a good quality company is proxxon.

Screws and bolts
well we need to fix stuff!

[edit] Electronics Lab

Must have

  • Logic Analzer
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope (hackable: rigol ds2072)
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Ersa/Weller Soldering Tips (Note what types we need Slopjong)

Nice to have twice

Nice to have

Also visit this E-Lab page

[edit] household items

cooking pots should be induction capable
other pots for serving salad, pasta, soup
We have one up to 500g but would like to weight heavier stuff.

kitchen robot
One of those multi functional mixers (a handheld mixer we have)

We sometimes have an urgent need for mixing fruit juice. Please don't give us a BlendTec Blender, else we would in fact need two, one for the Kitchen and one for the Lab to see if it will blend

2nd Frying pan (for induction)
We have an inductive cooking place but only one pan. Pots are OK.
As there are sometimes problems to motivate people to wipe the floors, why not ask a robot to do it?

sofa bed
Sometimes we are really sleepy...

shower box
This would be really useful not just for our wellness (for that a visit to nearby Les Themes is better) but rather for the security resons when handling dangerous substances (e.g. during PCB etching).

[edit] for our museum

Amiga 1000


Sinclair ZX81

Sinclair ZX81.jpg

Sinclair Spectrum


[edit] Entertainment

  • Complete Hacker/Cyberpunk-Movie Collection on DVDs or BDs (if there's a player...)
The 20 Best Hacker Movies
Hacker Movies in Cyberpunk
Cyberpunk Movies by Decade

[edit] Materials

Metal scafolding
screws and bolts
dowels for hole walls (Hohlraumdübel) and for
Weather Balloon
The idea is to start an experiment to the rim of outer space

[edit] Gadgets and toys

Pinball machine
The most geeky thing the gaming industry ever produced. Some real great machines exist
smartphones or wifi gadgets
We use a wifi system for the access to our rooms
Board Games
Yes, the analog style. Some are already available like GO, Risk, puzzles ...
Model Stirling Engine
A really nice and cool laser (yes this is not necessarily a gadget! Handle with care)
Night vision scope/goggles
Music Keyboard / Synthesizer

[edit] Computer equipment

USB Keyboard or adapters to connect PS2 devices onto USB ports
USB Mouse
Infrared security cameras
Good computer workstation sim0n
48-port switch for camp and events sim0n
1-4x Energy saving 16-port Gb switches sim0n

[edit] Audio/Video equipment

Sound recording and manipulation hardware
Video projector and replacement bulbs
Video projection screen (rollable)
Digital Camera with Microphone and Tripod
to Record Workshops held at our premisses
A hacker friendly sattelite reciever
HD TV and BluRay player (PS3 also suitable)
for our regular cybermovie nights

[edit] Specialized tools and machinery

Also called the expensive section

USRP(2) (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) 1600$
(Metal/Wood) Lathe (Drehmaschine)
CNC mill
  • Proxxon Präzisionsdrehmaschine PD 230/E (Metal Lathe) ~699€
    • Späne-Auffangwanne mit Spritzschutz für die Drehmaschine PD 230/E
    • Zusatzmaterial für Drehmaschine
PVSG Vacuum Desoldering System
pick and place manual vacuum/suction tool (this might get too advanced) ~700$ + delivery
laser cutter
This machine allows us to cut various complex pieces out of material like plastic, wood or metal. The [Makerbot] is build with pieces cut with a lasercutter. Some suppliers of theese machines: LaserCutter [1] [2] [3] [4] . Note that a laser cutter needs an air filter too NEED FUMEX MF

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