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After the Show

Once the show is over make sure you have a Backup of the entire show so we can put it online on our LetzHack page.

Keep in mind that commercial songs will have to be removed from the podcasts though!


If the show needs to be cut, encode it at 256 kb/s with CONSTANT BITRATE, as otherwise Germain cannot properly use his toolset which does not support VBR. The replay gain option calculates the volume for radio transmission (AFAIK). (The recording device in Studio 2 is set to limit the recording to -2.0 dB, so it would be a good idea to amplify the recording to 0dB.)

-$ lame --replaygain-accurate -h -b 256 --cbr in.wav LetzHack_epX_2010mmdd.mp3

When encoding for the podcast: use the artist, title and date flags! (is there a podcast genre now?--Tschew 08:02, 1 October 2009 (UTC))

-$ oggenc in.wav -o LetzHack_epX_2010mmdd_podcast.ogg -d 2010 -a syn<sub>2</sub>cat -t "Lët'z Hack! episode X - title of episode"
-$ lame -V 7 -v -h --ty 2010 --ta syn<sub>2</sub>cat --tt "Lët'z Hack! episode X - title of episode" in.wav LetzHack_epX_2010mmdd_podcast.mp3

You can also use dir2ogg to convert mp3 files to ogg.
Tagging ogg files is a bit of a hassle though:

~$ echo "ARTIST=syn2cat Hackerspace
> ALBUM=LetzHack Radioshow
> TITLE=Let'z Hack episode X - title of episode
> DATE=2010-mm-dd" | vorbiscomment -w in.ogg LetzHack_epX_[date]_podcast.ogg


If you have shell access and the necessary amount of time (otherwise ask somebody else), upload the podcast.

  • Uploading files:
~ # for file in LetzHack_epX_yyyymmdd_podcast.{mp3,ogg}; do scp $file; done
  • Those two files will be automatically imported into the wiki during the next hour. You can then proceed with the following step.
  • Go to the imported files and add the following properties (mind the filetype!) in order for the files to appear in our podcast feeds:
[[Is PodcastFile::true| ]]
[[Is FileType::ogg| ]]
[[Has Topic::<topic of the show>]]
  • Then, add the podcast filenames and release date to the wiki page semantic info of the episode you've just worked on. (use a previous show as your guide for the correct syntax).
  • Finally, clear the cache for the Lët'z Hack page: Clear NOW
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