Geocaching at Stroossen Wibbelt 2012

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Geocaching at Stroossen Wibbelt 2012
Wibbel och du ;)
Type of Event: Event
From: 2012/04/29 09:00
Till: 2012/04/29 13:00
Recurring: no
Organizer: Syn2cat
Cost: 0 EUR0 $
0 £
Mandatory registration:
Website: http://www.stroossenwibbe...
Attendees: Gunstick, Kwisatz, Sid, Thierry, Macfreak109, Lala
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Contact Person(s): Gunstick (mail)
Keywords: strossen, strassen, wibbelt, sports
Where: Gymnasium, Strassen (rue Feyder, L-8026, Strassen, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-66eb478216396ea4e1f81363fdcd335e.png
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Syn2cat organise une introduction au Geocaching à l'occasion de la 5e édition du Stroossen Wibbelt initié par Le Collège des Bourgmestre et Échevins de la Commune de Strassen en collaboration avec la Commission des Sports & Associations locales.


[edit] Programme


Geocaching is an open air activity joining technology with physical exercise. In general it's a modern version of a treasure hunt using a GPS instead of the map. This year we offer two "caches", one for beginners and one advanced. The two cache visites are guided but experienced geocachers can do them on their own. The caches of Strossen Wibbelt are not official.

Le Geocaching est une activité plein-air qui réunit technologie et exercise physique. En principe c'est une chasse au trésor moderne utilisant un GPS au lieu d'une carte. Cette année on propose deux "caches", un pour débutants et un pour avancés. Les deux caches sont accompagnés, mais les pros du caching peuvent les faire aux-mêmes. Les caches du Strossen Wibbelt ne sont pas des caches officiels.

Geocaching ist eine Betätigung die Technik und Bewegung vereint. Im Prinzip eine moderne Version der Schnitzeljagd bei der anstatt einer Karte, ein GPS benutzt wird. Dieses Jahr stellen wir zwei "Caches" vor, einer für Anfänger une einer für Fortgeschrittene. Die zwei Caches werden in Begleitung gesucht, erfahrene Geocacher können sie auch alleine lösen. Die Caches von Strossen Wibbelt sind nicht offiziell.

[edit] Todo

  • we have only one GPS, would need some more [ok]
  • batteries for GPS [ok]
  • shall we put gimmicks in the cache? Yes. [ok]
  • buy cache container(s), last time we gave the container with the money away. Bad idea :-) [OK]
  • create beginners and advanced cache boxes [.ok]
  • print the posters for the schedule [OK] plastify them?
  • create banner "geocaching" [ok]
  • create poster/flyer with QR codes for geocaching apps [OK]
  • do a pre run of the geocaches with all people which will be on the booth [ok]

[edit] Setup

[edit] Material

Put all this in the event box. Cover the box with plastic in case it's rainy

  • posters with the timing [ok]
  • duct tape [ok]
  • white board markers [ok]
  • syn2cat banner [ok]
  • hypnocube [ok]
  • 50m extension cord [ok]
  • GPS devices [mark]
  • beginners cache box [todo]
  • advanced cache box [ok]
  • envelope [ok]
  • le huge geocaching banner [ok]
  • laptop [ok]

[edit] what where

Need several people

  • install advanced cache (needs 30 minutes setup!)

weather may have rain

  • put posters up
  • hang syn2cat and geocaching banners
  • connect hypnocube and laptop
  • program GPS with the initial coordinates of the 2 caches
  • install beginner's cache

[edit] Activity

Depending of the available people on stand start a geocaching tour every 30 minutes. The beginners lasts 10 minutes, the advanced 20 minutes.

  • explain what geocaching is
  • go with a group to the cache, give GPS recievers to group. Do not lead them.
  • advanced: on each waypoint give 5-10 minutes to solve. Explain that sometimes on other caches this can be much more complex.
  • at the cache people can put donation in box. For security, go back and recover the money from box.

[edit] Teardown

Don't run all away

  • recover the 2 cache boxes
  • give money to the organizer in envelope
  • put everything back in event box. If it rains: cover with plastic!
  • recover advanced cache material

Back at the space:

  • put all geocaching relevant material into the geocaching box into syn2stock
  • stow away the banner
  • reconnect hypnocube in chillychill
  • put back duct tape, markers, power cable
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