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[edit] Introduction

Our Circles of Interest (CoI) replace the Working Groups that we used to have.

There are five circles of interest:

Please do visit the individual CoI pages to read more about them or add yourself to a circle.

[edit] Physical representation

[edit] Pinning

The CoI are also physically represented in the chill-out room in our space. When someone enters a circle, her or his avatar will also be pinned inside the physical representation of that interest-group. (S/he can do so her- or himself or a third person can do that.)

[edit] Finding advice

The aim of having a physical representation of your circles of interest is to allow anyone looking for help with a specific issue to have a look at the wall and know instantly whom to contact.

[edit] Finding your peers

Another goal of the CoI is to allow people with certain interests to actually know who else has the same interests. You can thus find people to help you with your task, brainstorm your next initiative or tackle a challenge.

[edit] Virtual representation

You will of course still be able to see who entered a circle of interest by either visiting his profile or by looking at the list of people on any of the CoI pages.

[edit] Tools

Every circle of interest disposes over a set of tools that it's adherents can freely use. The standard tool-set consists of a mailing list and a redmine project on

[edit] Information management

In a community with over 40 members and sometimes several dozens of emails a day, it is hard to stay up to date and not drown in information. Circles of interest help you in staying informed on the topics you absolutely care about.

[edit] FAQ

None yet ;)

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