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This circle is essentially only elected officials (council) and co-opted people, thus locked.


[edit] General Activities

  • Manage members, their interests and their fees.
  • Manage the budget, pay bills, create invoices.
  • Care for all things ASBL (statutes, elections, general assemblies, etc.)
  • Handle relations with the state, commune and their organs.
  • Handle all official, unforeseen business.
  • Co-operate with other associations and institutions.

[edit] PR Activities

[edit] Strategy

  • Develop a public relations concept and communication strategy
  • Define who we are and what we do (corporate ID)
  • Public awareness raising for syn2cat activities (& the movement)

[edit] Press

  • Release press statements to the media
  • Handle inquiries by journalists, newspapers, bloggers, etc.

[edit] Web

  • Blog about all of the above in a concise and informative way
  • Inform the Interwebs about what we do on twitter.
  • Maintain and update pages, events and more on facebook and Google+.
  • Maintain look, feel and content of the apparel shop at

[edit] Events

  • Come up with events to participate in or groups to collaborate with (i.e. 8-bit festival, syn2lights, iueoa events, etc...)
  • Support ideas for events that come from all members with the expertise and resources acquired by this group.
  • Follow up event organization and coordination with individual event organizers.
  • Invite people to do workshops, lectures, etc.

[edit] Other

  • Interview members once a month to see what they're up to.
  • Coordinate with Lët'z Hack team to disseminate what members are doing to the general public
  • Document happenings in the space on a regular basis (take photos as things happen, upload them to respective project pages)
  • Tape, edit and upload videos.
  • Decide on propaganda matters, manage Stickers, Posters, Flyers, etc. from design to distribution.

[edit] Tools

[edit] In this circle

Gunstick, Marina

See also: Administrative Council.

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