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  • Handle all things related to food (cookies) and beverages (Club Mate orders).
  • Handle the acquisition of cleaning agents, rinsing agent, binliners, etc.
  • Suggest and manage space infrastructure (tech & non-tech)
  • Manage the library.
  • Analyse acquisitions to make, i.e. what hardware to buy next, what books, what other kinds of infrastructure to get
  • Look up best prices, get bids etc... for acquisitions
  • Suggest next acquisition via the Funding system.


Some procedures

How to buy new food for the kitchen

We have currently 3 categories: cookies, drinks, club mate.

Cookies and drinks are bought in the local supermarket. Cora has usually been the cheapest.

Pay attention to only buy stuff which is cheaper in acquisition than when we sell it. And add a margin, we don't want to already pay up when a bottle is broken or a cookie gets lost. Also don't introduce wildly new items.

There is a google docs speadsheet where all this gets entered. And it's already very large.

When all bought stuff is put into their place, the bill can be paid directly from the cashier. Please mark the real amount on the bill (sometimes you buy personal stuff the same time) and also mark your name and PAID. Then take the amount from cashier and place the bill below the money tray.

If too much money is in the cashier, please ask someone from office to move it to the bank account. The transferred amount has to be written on the log paper inside the cashier box.

Club Mate is special as it's a big order and we need to fetch it from Trier. This one is paid via bank transfer. But in Trier you need to pay in cash. The transport is currently done with private car where you can get your trip cost reimbursed.


We get regular cleaning by professionals for the hallway and toilets. Our rooms need to be cleaned by ourselves.

Ongoing: most items should have a qr-code sticker applied stating their main usage: private, usable, hackable. The qr code will link to a webpage with more infos about the item (or no page if no more info is available or useful).

Inventory: there is a procedure to do the inventory of the kitchen cashier and food+beverages supplies. This all is entered into the google spreadsheet. It can even generate a nice graph of mate consumption by time. The inventory is currently not done regular enough to give really meaningful results.

Something is missing?

You need kitchen paper, there's no more beer: use the remember the milk website to put it on the shopping list. To get to the shopping list, ask a facilities member or write on the mailing list.

Mate supply is low. Well low means 6 creates left! Check on Remember The Milk if a mate order is in progress. If not, then put an item "Club Mate" on it.

All 220uF capacitors are gone? There's no more solder? Send an email to the facilities mailinglist where we keep a list of items to get.

You want a laser cutter, ask facilities first if we have the room to place it (secret info: no we have not). Then go to the Funding to get it.


Prometheus, Gunstick, BisLy, NPU, The metalgamer, sim0n, Muling, Kris

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