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A flowchart showing the process funding process

Here's how you can get project funding from syn2cat. Hacking the process is "encouraged".

If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it. — Henry Ford


[edit] Project presentation

For large projects, create a wiki page using the project form. Describe your project with as many details as possible and add links to your resources.

Talk about your project at the Bootstrap Meeting and/or our discuss-list.

[edit] Pledges

You may start a pledge before presenting your project to inform, gather supporters, demonstrate interest and show commitment. They make sure that a sufficient number of people commit to the selected device (and keep it from collecting dust). In other words, you put your money where your mouth is.

For big projects, the community may require a minimum pledge.

[edit] Levels of funding

There are 3 levels of asking for funding, based on the project's cost. By “cost”, we mean cost to syn2cat after any pledges.

  • If the cost is below 50€ just buy the stuff and hand in the bill. Don't abuse that rule by making small purchases, you risk not being refunded.
  • If the cost is below 500€ (that value is experimental and could change), you should submit your project to the office first. The office can take the decision for syn2cat to finance the project, or consult the bootstrap assembly as if the project's costs were above 500€.
  • Projects above 500 € are funded based on the bootstrap assembly's decision.

[edit] Funding decision by the community for large projects

During the bootstrap meeting, projects that cost above 500€ or smaller projects that haven't been accepted by the office are presented and debated, and the current pledging is discussed.

The final decision is taken 3 days after the publication of the minutes via an online poll using our votex or alternative tool. Members are presented with a short description of the project and its cost, a link to the pledge system, short information on what free funds the association has, and three choices:

  1. [ ] No, Do not fund at all :-(
  2. [ ] Yes, Fund if at least 42% is pledged
  3. [ ] Yes, Fund any costs remaining after the pledge

If there are more than 50% ‘yes’ votes, the option with the most votes wins.

The poll remains open for three days. The majority of all submitted valid votes counts; there is no minimum number of voters.

[edit] Additional notes

Resubmission of a project that's been rejected or withdrawn is allowed if it has changed significantly (less expensive, more appealing, more pledges, etc.). This is to prevent zombie projects that return every month.

The office may veto a project, and must explain its decision, e.g. the association cannot afford the project.

The office may exceptionally ignore the pledge and fully fund the project if it is thought of as useful, important or strategic for syn2cat as a whole. In general, projects that are more related to infrastructure and guaranteed to be made good use of should need less pledging.

You may withdraw your own project at any time.

[edit] FAQ

Q: Do I have to make a pledge for my LED?
A: No, below 50 € you can buy without even asking anyone. Hand in the bill.

Q: If I get 100€ via my pledge before voting, then I get 90% yes for full fund. Do I get the 100€ back?
A: No, the pledge shows how confident you are about the success of the project. If you think that it will get huge support, you can just submit it without any pledges.

Q: Do I need pledge for a 250€ project?
A: There is no obligation, but it's recommended. For this project, simply ask the office. If you are lucky, you get funded, otherwise you'll end up in bootstrap.

Q: I'm getting more/less support than I expected! Can I withdraw my project and come back with something on a different scale?
A: Yes, you may withdraw your own project at any time.

Q: Can the office refuse a project?
A: Only for force majeure reasons, e.g. we're broke, or we don't have enough room for a 747. Otherwise, the office will pass the project to bootstrap for member vote.

Q: If my pledge is already above 42%, don't vote option 2 and 3 mean the same thing?
A: Yes, there's no difference in this case.

Q: If I get rejected in bootstrap with my 1500€ project for which I had done no pledges at all, can I redo the same thing again?
A: Yes, if you change something about your project. Try reducing the cost, that's usually the limiting factor. Buy cheaper materials or start pledges.

Q: Oh, well if the pledge is then 500€, then the vote is for 1000€ and it passes with full finance, I get the project for 33% instead of 42% coverage?
A: Yes. Hack the rules!

Q: This computer costs 550€, if I pay 51€, can the office then simply approve right away since the cost for syn2cat is below 500€?
A: yes, Hack the rules!

Q: That laser costs 110€, if I pay 61€, can I simply hand in the bill, since the cost for syn2cat is below 50€?
A: Yes, hack the rules!

A: Hack the rules!

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