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[edit] How can I become a member?

In order to become a member, we'd like to invite you to read our application form and agree to its terms. You can then become a member by filling out the form, signing it (by printing and signing manually, the detailed procedure is on the form) and having it counter-signed by a full syn2cat member, who will be your mentor during the initiation period. Your mentor will transfer it to a member of the administrative council. You will be effectively member the moment you payed your membership fee. After about 3 months[1], you can ask to be granted the status of a "full member", entitling you to benefit from all privileges that come with a full membership, most importantly your own key.

[edit] How much does a membership cost?

The minimum membership fee for individuals is 114€/year[2]. Please note that this is a minimum fee that should allow everyone to attend the hackerspace and that the actual amount of your contribution is to be self-determined according to your priorities and financial ability. The membership runs from March 1st to the end of February.

Your contribution can be split up into at most 12 payments. Becoming a member means that you agree to support the hackerspace with at least 114€ a year. If you join in mid-year, the membership fee runs until the end of February at 9.5 EUR13.239 $
8.283 £
11.589 CHF
/month. The administrative council can decide to grant an exemption from paying membership dues to a member in financial difficulties.

[edit] What do you do with that money?

In addition to paying for regular expenses, the money goes towards paying for members' projects, as decided by the office after presentation on our bootstrap meetings. Every member can suggest an expenditure to be voted on.

[edit] How can I pay my membership fees?

Account-Holder: syn2cat a.s.b.l.
IBAN: LU93 0019 3255 6612 9000

Please include "membership fee" and state if it is a "monthly, standing order" or a "one-time payment for X months" and your nickname as reason of payment.

[edit] What are your guidelines?

You can browse them here.

[edit] What else should I do as a member?

The hackerspace being run by its members (their financial as well as their intellectual contributions) means that we really value your commitment. Therefore, we expect every member to become part of at least one of our circle of interest. There is no need to hurry, but a couple months in, you should consider joining the one or the other circle. Why not browse the circles right away?

[edit] How do I become a donating member?

There are two ways of making donations.

  • The first is for normal members if you pay a supplementary amount of your choice on top of your regular membership fee.
  • The other is for non members, by committing to regular donations using the sponsorship form. You'd do us an even bigger favour by setting up a recurring payment.

[edit] What do you do at your regular meetings?

The Bootstrap Meeting, every four weeks on Saturday. All members are encouraged to visit them. This is where you say what should happen at the hackerspace.

[edit] How do I explore projects?

The wiki's projects section is meant to present former, current and future projects.

Many of our projects are hosted on (some are still on the old redmine There you can find more information, source code and documentation.

[edit] How do I get funding for a project?

See Funding for all the details.

A reasonable low budget project will be funded without any problem.

[edit] How do I use other IT Infrastructure?

You may want to take a look at this page.

  1. The exact duration depends on your activity and presence at the space.
  2. Starting March 2011
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