1st European Summit on the Future Internet

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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1st European Summit on the Future Internet
Type of Event: Conference
From: 2010/06/02 09:30:00 AM
Till: 2010/06/03 07:00:00 PM
Recurring: no
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Website: http://summit2010.uni.lu/...
Attendees: Kwisatz
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Contact Person(s): Sim0n (mail)
Where: Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg (7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
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[edit] Summit Topics

[edit] Day One / 2 June

[edit] European Policies on Future Internet

The opening session is intended to set the scene as to how the Future Internet will provide new opportunities for growth and sustainable development. This session will provide an opportunity for the European Commission to describe the ambitions of the European Digital Agenda and the role that the future Internet will be called upon to play within it. High Level representatives for government and industry in Luxembourg will address the key objectives being pursued measured in terms of innovation potential, competitiveness and growth prospects. An internationally acclaimed expert will highlight the key security, trust and privacy challenges and perspectives for the Future Internet.

[edit] Future Internet: Which Perspectives?

This session will call upon key international experts to describe from various perspectives the opportunities, challenges and life style changes that the future Internet will bring about. Beyond the scientific relevance of the research now being conducted worldwide, the speakers will focus on visionary usage scenarios, with a view to outline the multiple facets driving the various technological and socio-economic dimensions of the Future Internet. The speakers will in particular stress which initiatives and actions can be taken at national and European level to create the right economy opportunities and anticipate the world of tomorrow.

[edit] Day Two / 3 June

[edit] The Smart Infrastructures of Tomorrow

This session will bring together a wide diversity of speakers who will describe how the future Internet has the potential to overcome the technical shortcomings of today's infrastructures serving the needs for energy, transport, health etc., while promoting innovation and competition. Effective responses are needed if Europe is to meet the emerging societal challenges be it in terms of transport services, green energy and sustainable development or health services while providing economic actors with opportunities to devise and launch new business ventures.

[edit] Enabling Technologies

At the core of what will be the Future Internet are numerous technologies ranging from elementary components which are integrated into systems, to wide area fixed or wireless networks serving large areas. The Future Internet is however not only about physical infrastructures, it is progressively a fertile playground for innovative ideas regarding service architectures, search engines that take into account media, location and context as well as new security and privacy paradigms. This session calls on renowned experts who will address the various enabling technologies and explore how these technologies need to evolve to meet the requirements of an increasingly connected society.

(source: http://summit2010.uni.lu/topics.html)

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