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Include links to a webpage or even a barcode to the market url or .apk file if possible.
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[edit] List of Android Apps suitable for the typical Hacker

[edit] Science

  • arXiv droid - access papers on the arXiv on the road; abstracts are displayed in the app while the full paper can be downloaded as a PDF

[edit] Scripting

  • Android Scripting - edit and execute scripts and interactive interpreters directly on your device.
  • Tasker (payware) - similar to Android Scripting, but instead of a language it's more oriented as configuration templates.

[edit] Device management

  • Advanced Task Killer - can automatically rid your device of battery eating apps still running.
  • AnySoftKeyboard helps you get all the öäèéû we need in Luxembourg into your texts
  • ES File Explorer can directly mount file shares so you can copy/paste data
  • OS Monitor has ps, ifconfig, netstat, system infos and syslog
  • Terminal Emulator

[edit] Encryption

  • APG - gpg for Android. Works with K-9 mail.

[edit] Connectivity


[edit] syn2cat

  • syn2cat - the app to open/close the syn2cat hackerspace

[edit] References

  • ElectroDroid - contains various reference tables and tools for the common electronics guy

[edit] Analyzers

  • Wifi Analyzer - is a nice visual tool to see what hot spots are in the area and on which channels they operate.
  • War driving? Gunstick checked out several ones, but none really pleased: WiFiFoFum, WiFinder, WiGLE WiFi, Wardrive. So no advice given here.
  • Tricorder - access all the sensors on your device with a geeky interface.

[edit] Geocaching

As hackers love geocaching, here is what's useful to have

  • c:geo full featured app which can log online and store caches for offline use
  • GPS averager is useful when you hide a cache
  • MapDroyd is locating yourself on offline openstreetmaps downloaded to your device.

[edit] Astronomy

Geeks probably also have some interests in stars, ISS and other satellites

  • Predisat - tells you when there will be satellite overpasses and which brightness they will have
  • Sattelite AR - is a sky overlay showing you current satellites
  • Google Sky Map - of course, can't miss that one

[edit] Fun

  • DroidSound - plays all types of 8 bit tunes, mostly by emulating the original hardware. Get the beta from the linked site for the most recent version.
  • Droid48 for the fans of the HP 48 calculator
  • Fractoid to drain your battery as fast as possible by calculating fractal graphs (12 different types)
  • GOdroid for those who want to train for playing GO
  • Soundcloud (needs free subscription)
  • Sudoku Grab'n'Play can transform a photo into a playable game and even solve it for you.
  • Tux Rider :-)
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