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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Bootstrap 2014-07
The syn2cat plenum
Type of Event: Meeting
From: 2014/07/19 19:00
Till: 2014/07/19 23:30
Recurring: no
Organizer: syn2cat
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0 £
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Contact Person(s): Gunstick (mail), Muling (mail), sid (mail), Thierry (mail)
Where: Level2 (87, route de Thionville, Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-f950bafc823d147ba3b1712a23ef6234.png
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Decide where syn2cat is heading next. Every third Saturday of a month, starting at 7pm until midnight.

[edit] Introduction

If you would like to discuss something, simply add it below the upcoming event!

The Guidelines page regroups all major decisions taken at prior Bootstrap Meetings.

  • No items can be added to a schedule once the meeting has begun.
  • If midnight before meeting, the topics is empty, there will be no meeting. Sorry
  • A meeting can't last any longer than 4 hours (a 30min pause will be made after 2h)
  • People should sign the topics they added using ~~~~.
  • Topics will only be discussed if their authors are present at the meeting.

[edit] Topics

[edit] Minutes

Start: 19:15

[edit] New building

  • The building is occupied by around 10 jouth related associations
  • building management by infopla
  • We rent 80m2
  • There is basically no parking space at the building. The parking spots are only destined for deliveries. No parking at all during office hours! Best is to park somewhere else and if necessarly take a bus.
  • There is very good bus connectivity.
  • As this is a building, not a private home or hotel, there is no sleeping allowed.
  • please be gentle and quiet during office hours.
  • Also, the network is shared for all, so don't saturate the net with high traffic load. We have our own subnet with a fixed IP. The network is managed by company tentwentyfour. Please don't do any changes (i.e. do not open the door to the racks).
  • Our place will be cleaned by ourselves.
  • There are toilets in the building, used by all associations. Don't make a mess :-)
  • do not use the kitchen in the building!
  • Name? During move, we started to refer to our new place as "level2". As it's our second iteration of a hackerspace, and it's also located on the 2nd floor. So we write it without spaces and a capital L as Level2.

[edit] Press Release

we need to do a press release to inform our move and new start.

who? Work together on the document! Language: german, as most newspapers are german language

[edit] 3 week box system

We have too much stuff, especially duplicate. We need to get rid of this.

New items brought in is owned by everyone. Can be put into 3 weeks box system. If 3 weeks old, it can be recovered for home use, else it will get trashed.

If you put potentially valuable items into the boxes, please post a picture of the item on the mailing list to alert people.

Don't put anything with an owner sticker into it.

If you don't want your stuff to disappear, put stickers on it with your name. Syn2cat provides stickers with use/hack/private and a qrcode

[edit] How to access Level2 hackerspace

Main door of the building is usually closed. Only office has keys. During normal working hours the door is mostly open so you can access the 2nd floor. This will change as soon as the building's access system is put into place. The instructions to enter our area are available our door on the 2nd floor.

[edit] Haxogreen

  • p&t sets up dsl on 30th
  • we have already some volunteers for buildup
  • professionally cleaned toilets on friday and saturday morning. Don't use toilets/showers on monday after cleaning
  • no catering for attendees but we sell meat and drinks (gas grill available for all to use)
  • Need to organize shifts for manning the registration/drinks desk!

[edit] Fridge management method

At technoport there is a rule that once per week, the contents of the fridge gets dumped. Better choice is just not to store member's food in the fridge or freezer.

End: 20:50

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