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how to handle aquisitions of eat and drink

We have various types of soft drinks and beer. And a whole palette of junk food. This needs regular replenishing.


If you find that something is missing, you can declare that in Out of Milk (app for iOS and android, or browser version). You need to ask to get added to the syn2cat shopping list to be able to edit items. Sharing in 'out of milk' needs the pay version. If you need it, you can get the price refunded by syn2cat.

Alternatively, tell someone who has access to the shopping list or simply write it on the whiteboard.

Anyone is allowed to buy anything for the buvette. The following rules should be applied.

Step 1

  • Check the pricelist of current items, you don't want to operate the buvette at a loss.
  • Buy drinks so that selling them is more then buying them. i.e. a 1L bottle juice usually gets 4 cups, so don't buy juice which costs over 2€ (we are selling cups for 0.5€)
  • Same goes for cookies etc, they are sold for 0.5€. A 12 pack for 6€ is a very bad idea. Go rather for the 10pack at 3€
  • The only stuff not going through this channel is club mate, which either needs dedicated fetching or delivery of bigger quantities.

Step 2

  • Sort the bought stuff into the appropriate places
  • Put the bill with your name and account number into the treasurer box to get refunded


  • Don't take the money from the cashier box
  • Don't buy new stuff or too many variations before consulting the usual crew doing catering. There are some types of cookies, or drinks which just don't sell.
  • Don't take money out of the cashier and buy stuff! This can lead to controls detecting stolen money.
  • Don't buy oddly priced items needing stickers and labels telling how much to pay (or organize a cool vending machine)
  • Don't use any pricing amounts outside of 0.5€ steps
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