Christmas bakery - Mass-production

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Christmas bakery - Mass-production
We need cookies, lots of cookies!
Type of Event: Workshop
From: 2011/12/04 10:00
Till: 2011/12/04 19:00
Recurring: no
Organizer: syn2cat
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0 £
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Attendees: NPU, Gunstick, The metalgamer, Sid, trollchen, BisLy
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Contact Person(s): NPU (mail)
Keywords: cookies, Christmas, baking, Tetris
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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Now we'll proceed to mass-production of our cookies. It will be done at NPU's home so if you wish to participate, send an email to NPU to get the right address.

Please put your name on the list if you can attend

[edit] Preparations

All the preparations are done, all the stuff bought (eggs, farina, butter, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, vanilla sugar, Rum), you only need to come in and help baking a lot of cookies.


We're planning to do at least cookies to fill 100 bags.

Quantities calculation after first trials:

  • 500g flour gives 180 cookies.
  • About 6g pre cookie.
  • We need 3 sets of tetris blocks (or 2 sets plus some pacman and ghosts) to get 125g bags.
  • So that makes 8 bags from 500g
  • we need at least 6Kg of flour (plus the other ingredients in corresponding quantities)
  • Of each cookie type we need to create 300 same ones for the 100 bags (3*7 tetris)
  • Estimated 50 cookies per run we need 6 full plates per type (there are 7 types, that makes 6x7=42 plates)
  • if doing 2 sets per bag plus pacman stuff, that makes 4x7=28 plates + 2 pacmans + 8 ghosts + 4 pills = 42 plates.

This time I calculated the number off pacman pills to get the result of 42, LOL

[edit] Schedule

  • 10h00 - 12h00

Making dough (5 sets of 2kg)

  • 12h00 - 13h00

Lunch break (dough has to rest for 2 hours in the fridge)

  • 13h00 - open end

Rolling the dough out, excel, baking and coloring the cookies

Especially after 13h00 we need about 5-8 people!!

[edit] Effective timing:

Day before: make one batch of dough

On sunday: start at 10h, create more dough and start to cut pieces and bake.

At 13h go for lunch

At 14:30 continue cutting, baking and also coloring

At 20h start counting the number of cookies, just only do the ones still needed. We had way to many L shaped cookies!

Finished at 22h. Still to do: coloring the pacman ghosts and pills, and some tetris blocks.

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