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[edit] Event Guidelines

This is a short list of things that we have learnt during our first large(r) event, the March 2009 Lasertagging.

[edit] Summary

  • Delegation.
  • Clearly defined roles.
  • Overseer
  • Separate (clean) table for flyers, posters, donations, free drinks.
  • 'PR people'
  • FNEL & co have cool stuff
  • All publicity is good publicity. (almost)

[edit] Details

[edit] Public Relations & Advertisement

  • Check for other events on the same day. (Mind the competition!)
  • Advertise early, Advertise often.
  • website, social networks, posters, radio, tv

[edit] Before the event

  • The tent was amazingly practical and should be kept in mind for future events.
  • Check if all of the required material is available. i.e. If you're planning to have a security zone, ask yourself:
    • "What does such a security zone look like?" - Picture it!
    • "What do I need to set it up?" - Make a list of all the materials!
    • "Do I have everything I need to set it up?" - Acquire them!
      • To be fair, we had all the materials, what lacked was their physical presence :)

[edit] At the event

  • Even if there are 10 people from syn2cat, nobody is happy to offer a hand by themselves, probably fearing to be in the way. Delegation is king. (and once you delegate, work gets done - our cleanup was fast and efficient.)
    • Roles must be clearly defined beforehand and somebody must be tasked with overseeing ONLY: Are the cables laid so that nobody can trip? Are the beamers well focused and pointing where they should? Did we unpack the batteries? - Our guys clearly cared about this and some people actively checked things and cleaned up here and there, but it would work better by simply tasking someone with it.
  • It is important to have clearly visible and accessible publicity material NOT MIXED with our event equipment, otherwise chaos ensues. (although the chaos was kinda cool because people who were really interested, fought their way towards us) Still, I had to send about 10 people away who wanted a flyer and wanted more information, the flyers were nowhere to be found.
  • One or two people must keep themselves available for questions. It was OK this time but the technical staff may not have the time to answer questions during a different event.
  • We had ~40 liters of free drinks, we took ~30 home. Telling people is not enough, they must see them!
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