General Assembly February 2015

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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General Assembly February 2015
General Assembly February 2015
Type of Event: Event
From: 2015/02/28 18:00
Till: 2015/02/28 20:00
Recurring: no
Organizer: syn2cat
Cost: 0 EUR0 $
0 £
Mandatory registration:

Attendees: Gunstick, Martin, Sid, Defane, Maybit, Kwisatz, Npu, Muling
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Contact Person(s): Gunstick (mail)
Where: Level2 (87, route de Thionville, Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-2bc7a9d59eb5a3dcccd0af5e042ec2e1.png
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Here we go again for an new regular General Assembly (GA).

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[edit] Introduction

  • The date was proposed on bootstrap meeting of 2015-01-24.
  • first email send on 28 january
  • second email sent on 13 february

[edit] Preparations

Some items need to be done before the assembly

  • prepare voting sheets and result sheets
  • candidates have to do their candidature before start of GA
  • reserve a room

[edit] Agenda

this can be modified until 13th february 2015

  • decide on voting board
  • approve agenda
  • activity report 2014
  • Presentation of 2014's receipts and expenditures
  • Discharge of the treasurer by our auditors
  • discharge of office
  • Presentation of new activities 2015
  • Election of a new administrative council
  • Election of a new treasurer
  • Election of president and vice president
  • Call for two financial auditors for 2016

[edit] Candidates

To be candidate, you have to send an email to indicating if you want to be President, Vice-President, Treasurer or office member.

who post email date
Gunstick President 28.01.2015
Sid Treasurer 07.02.2015
Muling Vice President 03.02.2015
Defane office member 28.02.2015
Steve office member 28.02.2015
Stereo office member 28.02.2015
rafi0t office member 28.02.2015

[edit] Vote delegations

Remember: do not announce delegations to people already listed below: they either are not coming or already have a delegation. First ask personally the delegate if s/he accepts.
Your proxy must bring a valid proof of delegation to the GA or you have to send a PGP signed email to

member's pseudo vote delegated to verified via
bartek kwisatz email 2015-02-20 PGP
mullebutz gunstick email 2015-02-26 PGP

Thus members (virtually) present: 16 (later 17)

From GA 2013:

  • which members can vote?
    • all members in good standing (paid fee/dues)
    • regardless of full member status (after 3 months etc...)
    • From Statutes: members age of 16 or more have right to vote

For reference: General_Assembly_March_2013

[edit] Minutes

Meeting started at: 18:04

  • 13 members present, with 2 additonal members by proxy
  • 1 members arrived late (18:40, with no proxy vote)
  • 1 more member arrived late (19:08)
  • Total of 15 (later 17) voting members

[edit] Candidates for office

  • Gunstick -> president
  • Muling -> vice president
  • Sid -> treasurer
  • rafi0t -> office member
  • Defane -> office member
  • Steve -> office member
  • Stereo -> office member

People counting ballot: David Raison and Thierry Degeling

[edit] Past activity over last year

Activity report as PDF

All in all a very challenging year, because we were evicted from Strassen and needed to find a new place in very short time.

  • Last activity in strassen was "Gemeng stellt sech vir"
    • On that event we got the Strassen eviction letter

We needed to find a new place in only 2 months and had some media coverage. Namely Wort, Woxx, Tageblatt, Journal and RTL. Moving in was quite challenging, but thx to a lot of members done in short time.

[edit] Stuff we did

  • Haxogreen
  • Foodhacking with 15 people by the Foodhacking base
  • Bought a bGeigi, a geiger counter with GPS and an SD memory
  • Our traditional booth
  • A big inauguration
  • Foire de l'étudiant.
  • Participated in EU codeweek with a few events like,
  • Participated in BBQ game jam.
  • A huge success is the recurring Coder Dojo done every thursday.
  • Geek Girls Carrots did a few Meetings and Talks/Workshops
  • 31C3 Viewing

Even more stuff we did:

  • Raspberry Pi workshop
  • 3D printing 101
  • Meteor Meetup
  • Lëtz' Hack Radioshows
  • Wearable Wednesdays
  • Privacy Salons
  • Yoga classes
  • Bootstrap meetings
  • Open monday

Some projects:

  • RGB light
  • New fog screen
  • Phishbox
  • Golden book
  • New chill
  • New lab
  • New everything
  • Pi d'Or

[edit] Receipts and Expenditures by Sid

No problems which needed to be fixed. Even BCEE didn't block our accounts this year. Haxogreen total is positive in total, though one invoice is still missing. (*cough* muling *cough*)

Biggest income for the space is memberships and food and drinks. Food and drinks get directly paid from the cash box. Biggest expense was infrastructure for the move like all the big plastic boxes and the shelves where those boxes are now stored on. A new big expense is the Level2 rent.

  • Discharge of treasurer by auditors (14/15)
  • Discharge of office (14/16)

[edit] Planned for 2015

  • Syndilights
  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • ... and much more stuff

[edit] New council & office

(You can join the office later but won't have a right to vote.)

[edit] Administration council

Confirmation of treasurer

  • treasurer: 17/17

Vote for presidents

  • president: Gunstick (16)
  • vice president: Muling (10)

[edit] Office

  • Steve: 16 (elected)
  • Defane: 14 (elected)
  • Sid: 14 (elected)
  • Gunstick: 14 (elected)
  • Stereo: 6 (not elected)
  • Muling: 14 (elected)
  • Rafi0t: 15 (elected)

Year 2015 auditors: mullebutz and martin, as last time.

Closed at: 19:42

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