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Hakin9 logo.png
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish
Issues/year: 6
Topics: IT-Security,Hacktivism,GNU/Linux
Price: 0/single issue
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Website: http://hakin9.org/
QrCode: QR-1b6ffab3cba84eebf06ba0e7d4fb886b.png

Hakin9 is a hard core IT-Security magazine as it would describe its editorial office. IT-Security and Hacktivism are naturally main topics. The magazine is very suitable and recommendable for every one who is interested in further studies in the area of IT-Security.

A free online magazine written for IT security experts by IT security experts.

[edit] Segmentation

Introduction Mostly by the Chief Editor/ Market Manager
Index /
CD-Content Description of the applications and the How To's
News in brief Topic: IT-Security
Tools/Product Review Presentation of a tool
Articles For Beginners (Quantity: ~1-2)
Articles Offensive (Quantity: ~1-3)
Articles Defensive (Quantity: ~1-3)
Privacy Article Issues, solutions, aims, etc.
Topics & Posts of the Hakin9 forum About 2 pages
Reviews of books /
Interview Mostly with people of IT-Security companies
Feuilleton Summary and own experiences of a project.
Recommended Sites /
Recommended Companies /

Every article has always the following three sub-titles on its first page:

  • Degree of difficulty (Easy - Middle - Difficult)
  • In this article you will see
  • What you should already know

[edit] Where to buy the print versions?

The PRESS shops are the only ones in Luxembourg which have the magazine in sale.

[edit] Opinions

  • The Hakin9 magazine is very particular and a certain knowledge about computer science is needed to understand the content and the complexity of the articles. For beginners with a serious foundation it shouldn't be a problem to understand what the topics are about. Misspellings aren't seldom in some articles, but this is for sure the only small disadvantage. I'm a regularly reader for two years now and got almost every magazine which has ever been published. Unfortunately at the beginning I haven't got the basics to understand the whole complexity, but with the time it wasn't a problem. Conclusion: At least try it once. --- Prometheus
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