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[edit] Text as found on our most recent flyers

Located in Strassen, close to the thermal Spa "Les Thermes", the syn2cat has 120m2 of indoor hackerspace. Among the facilities syn2cat has to offer is an extensive library populated with books and magazines about technology, science, and culture, large work desks for software and hardware development, local servers, a soldering station with a large selection of electronic parts, tools and hardware utilities, gaming consoles, and -- of course -- a speedy internet access.

Syn2cat's members also realize that sometimes it's good to step away from the internet connection and connect... with each other. We have a chill area, where members can kick back and relax, socialize, organize events, and eat and drink a little.

The space is open 24-7, because creativity has no office hours. In a world where media is constantly reinventing itself and providing new channels of communication, we believe in an open and collaborative spirit, and share culture and knowledge along the same principles. Our contributions to openess are OpenAccess to educational and research materials, OpenSource, and OpenSpace.

One of our fundamental goals is the wide distribution and openness of knowledge. We strongly believe that this works best in an open environment where everyone has the same rights to access this knowledge in an informal but effective way. However, not only know-how and hardware is shared, awareness of responsibility also is part of the package. People visiting the hackerspace are invited to talk about their beliefs and discuss their opinions with other members.

A hackerspace is a place where people with similar interests in technology, science, art, culture, and making meet. Activities are not in the slightest restricted to only computer science, but also emerge from electronics, contemporary art, photography, and any and all other pursuits worth sharing. The hackerspace offers a turnkey infrastructure to its members where innovative projects that would not come to life in a garage, can find nourishment and support.

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