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This is the initial email that started it all.

Dear recipient, dear reader,

The goal of the present letter is to reach out to the creative minds of people dissatisfied with the ordinary
and thrilled by the prospect of using things in ways they weren't supposed to be used in.

We plan to create a lieu for hackers to meet, socialize and be creative. 
A space bursting with new ideas in the realms of hardware, software, electronics, new media and any other
topics lurking at the back of one's mind just waiting to emerge.

This Hackerspace (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace) would be a place to meet like-minded people,
engage in projects, hold or participate in workshops, exchange ideas and collaborate, 
give or listen to talks, or simply hang out and have a beer or Club-Mate with people who share your interests.

We want to stress that this place shall be open to anybody, irrespective of gender, nationality or interests,
as long as they're gripped by creating or taking apart things, turn they out to be art, new software,
interesting hardware, or a new approach to anything related to science, communication, social interaction or, 
for that matter, politics.

If you've never been to such a Hackerspace, we encourage you to have a look at existing and successful venues
abroad. Among the most popular ones today are the Metalab in Vienna (http://metalab.at/wiki/Folder:V5a-en),
the C4 in Cologne (https://koeln.ccc.de/) or the C-Base in Berlin (http://www.c-base.org/).

We feel that creating a similar infrastructure in Luxembourg would be a chance to fill a real cultural void and
encourage local, but also inter-regional, creative interaction and enable the exploration of new boundaries.
Further, businesses could - and should be encouraged to - support and harness the potential and creativity
that will flourish in such a space.

Establishing this hackerspace will require access to a physical location and may require provision
of support from state and city governments. The space will be run as a non-profit organisation and aim at hosting
various organisations, clubs, associations and projects.

We have assembled a collection of detailed information, a plan of action as well as a brainstorming section at
the following URL: http://mallory.lu/wiki/ Please feel free to contribute.

We would also greatly appreciate if you could forward this letter to your employees, colleagues and friends, talk
to other people you think could be interested and get in touch with us by replying to this email (hackerspace@mallory.lu).

Your critical feedback will help us to continue our efforts in getting things done.

Kind Regards,
David Raison <david_AT_mallory_DOT_lu>, Steve Clement <steve_AT_localhost_DOT_lu>

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