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Multipoint Lasertagging with Macintosh
Meetings: none
Type: misc

Status: stalled
Contact Person: Gunstick (mail)
QrCode: QR-a6695bcc1697108d28adb094064f5854.png

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The aim of this project is to implement a lasertagging software on the macintosh platform able to track multiple laser pointers.


[edit] Evaluation of existing software modules

The following programs seem to be interesting

[edit] BBtouch

[edit] CCV

[edit] eMotion

A highly complicated software aiming at stage performances during music concerts.

[edit] laser_marker

[edit] reacTVision

The original software beind the Reactable

[edit] Touché

[edit] TuioMouseDriver

Listens for coordinates and moves your mouse accordingly. This makes possible to control your computer with the laser pointer.

[edit] WiimoteWhiteboard

made famous by Johnny Chung Lee

[edit] xfiducial

[edit] xfloyd

[edit] xPrexxo

[edit] Evaluation of usable Hardware

[edit] Macbook pro

ermm, yes :-)

[edit] 3CCD DV camera

Instead of a webcam, a real camera has several features: good low light sensitivity, fixed exposition, zoom, focus and high qualtity picture.

[edit] 1mW, 5mW, 30mW laser pointers

For security reasons it would be preferable to use low power lasers

[edit] Wiimote

A very interesting device, for this project I will only use the internal camera.

[edit] Connecting and testing

All the software packages are all either in heavy development or abandoned :-)

The underlying principle is to have one program analysing the video signal and creating coordinates. Via the TUIO protocol those values can be sent to another program (via UDP which makes this network aware) handling the display.

First try was WiimoteWhiteboard which is doing the display part. The video analyzing and coordinates is completely done in hardware by the Wiimote. This little beast is a full featured high rez camera with video analysis sending the 4 brightest spots detected via bluetooth. The camera is not only sensitive in the IR range ans many think. Just pop out the IR filter in front of the camera and it sees all colors. For the lasers a green filter can be used. The Wiimote is not sensitive enough for the higher distances required for Lasertagging.

[edit] Demonstrations

Only some little trials have been done.

[edit] Real lasertagging

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