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[edit] Office Meeting Minutes

[edit] What?

In order to make the office meetings more transparent, we decided to post our meeting minutes here. If you want to give some feedback on our meeting topics or any other comment please use the mailing list office"at" Also, we wanted to note that all office meetings are from this time forward, public and, therefore, can be visited/attended at any time. Please note the date at the end of each minutes per meeting.

We certainly hope that everybody approves this decision and supports our efforts for transparency...we are syn2cat!

[edit] Meeting 26 march 2011

[edit] What is the role of office

This working group's task is to keep the association alive to pay the bills and assurance and to manage relations

Quite some of the usual work of an ASBL commité has been offloaded to our various working groups

The office are the people who take responsibility in case of problems.

[edit] What's going on in 2011?

Reach out to all the hackers tinkering at home to make them aware the space exists. For this we should seek at schools, university and companies. To make our association more attractive, more unique features are needed. Members should like to be here and should like to contribute.

This is the first office meeting report. The office meetings are going to be open to members to listen in. Only some decisions will be non disclosure. One of them being the voting of new full members. The office meeting minutes will be published on the wiki after they have been gone through an approval and comment process via the office mailing list.

This should bring more transparency and follow the "we are syn2cat" statement.

[edit] Budgets:

The ides is that each working groups should decide which is it's most important activity for the year. The office will not decide which items get done or not. Budget details are just needed for plausibility reasons so that later the money is spent accordingly. Some items will get direct approval while for other items in the budget the office may ask that those are being voted on a bootstrap meeting.

Everyone is free to seek out for sponsors to bring cost down.

After budget are approved, the remaining money will be attributed to serve as finance for projects. A part of this money will be allocated every 3 months. If a project needs bigger funding, either it can span more months or sponsors need to be found. This has to be decided by the bootstrap.

We had some discussions what a project is. In general, working groups don't do projects but rather activities (acquire infrastructure, buy a lasercutter, move and rearrange stuff, organize haxogreen)

Members create projects where more or less funding is needed. Some examples are syn2rbine, syndelights, wiimad (science festival), robots, led cubes...

The various working groups got most of thir proposes budgets voted with OK. Catering needs a lot, but in effect will provide effectively an income. The disk budget for lusitania has got a little reduction. Evdev has been postponed as they have not yet had their meeting.

After all budgets got voted around 250€ per period of 3 months is available for projects. Everyone should present their project at a bootstrap (PYP) have a detailed budget ready and seek out sponsors to help finance.

[edit] Miscellaneous

Macfreak proposed a new location for next years haxogreen. Fully equipped conference rooms with HD beamers and internet access. Sounds interesting.

It was decided that the radioshow will not be part of any working group because it's open to all and financed by all.

The office will meet in the chill room every 3 months. The meetings will be announced, so you can come listen.

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