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Rekultivating electronics
Do walls dream of recycled sheep?
Meetings: none
Type: art

Status: concluded
Contact Person: SteveClement (mail), Tschew (mail)
QrCode: QR-264762ec45b11fe0a49bb979a76cdc28.png

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[edit] Rekultivating electronics


the enervotron machine is now displayed in the entry area of the hackerspace.

it has gathered a WiFi connection, some enhancement in the bootup sequence and a large decorative PCB has been fitted.

[edit] Inputs

[edit] Analog

  • Thermistor
  • Flex Sensors
  • Accelerometor
  • Solar Panel
  • Dynamo
  • Hall Effect Sensor
  • Max Sonar (Schall Sensor)

[edit] Digital

  • Infrared Sensor
  • PIR
  • Switch
  • Ball Switch

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Tone Generator
  • GSM Card
  • GSM Phones
  • Bluetooth

[edit] Outputs

  • Audio
    • Festival
    • Wav/Mp3
  • Piezo Beeper
  • TFT Screen
  • LCD Display
  • LED's
  • Dual 7-Segment
  • Internet (Twitter et al.)

[edit] CPU's

  • ANYduino (Mega, Mini, Pro etc...)
  • VIA Based i386 Ubuntu Machine
  • Old IBM Laptop, headless

[edit] Schools of Handling

  • Threads
  • Events

[edit] Dirty Jobs

[edit] Arduino vs. CPU

One decision we had to take was: Who does the job(s)?

With well over 16 inputs that have to be dealt with 'quasi' simultaneously it worth the thought.

You could either let the Arduino grab ALL the inputs in it's loop and dump it on the Serial interface OR let the CPU ask for a very Specific input.

We chose the latter for the obvious speed reason.

[edit] Language

We decided to use Python for the sensor interface part and some of the graphing. Interfacing the Arduino via Python is "easy" - - and with 115200 baud over the USBtoSerial is fast enough too.

[edit] Arduino Mega

Analog In 0 is reserved due to main_loopage Analog In 1 to 15 will be used for all the Analog Inputs PWM 2- 12 Pins 22 thourough 53 will be reserved for Led and Piezo output

[edit] Samples

Sound samples will all be CC. 7 Piano samples will be used and approximately 10 voices. Dynamic Samples will be created by the wall users via the attached microphone.

[edit] Circuit Bending

[edit] Drawdio Space

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