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[edit] Mozilla FireFox

1. The usual syn2cat hackerspace site looks like this. Please notice the http:// in the very beginning of the URL.

2. The SSL Exception notification is not to be confused with the "Server not found" notification message.

3. When you first visit the Secured (SSL) version of you will see a message that warns you that the connection would be untrusted. That doesn't mean that you cannot access the site or that it is actually untrusted. It only means that your browser is missing a required certificate.

4. To get on, you need to click on "I understand the risks." and confirm by "add exception".

5. A new window will pop-up. It'll take a few seconds to get the certificate, or you just click on "Get certificate" and confirm by "Confirm Security Exception", please ensure that the "Permanently store this exception" is enabled.

6. After having finished step 5 the site will reload with SSL mode activated and FireFox will pop-up another notification message, that informs you about unencrypted information on the requested site. Confirming by okay will not show this window again if this condition is raised otherwise by enabling the button it will.

[edit] Chrome / Chromium

[edit] Safari

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