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  • --Tschew Maybe include an attribution list for the pictures? The end of the text has a list of hackerspaces, this might be an appropriate location to associate the abstract concept with actual implementations. (ie by numbering or such)

Yes, I'll add captions to the photos --kwisatz 15:23, 11 September 2008 (UTC) Or.... No I won't... it's unfortunately quite difficult... --kwisatz 21:13, 16 September 2008 (UTC)

Can't you superpose numbers over the photos and then provide a list in the Impressum? Doesn't have to be all of them, in case the problem is the actual attribution rather than the graphics aspect of it. --Tschew

  • --SteveClement Doesn't like the title font and shade. Would like a copy of the metalab plan icluded, Thinks that some text should be blue on white bg

Title font won't change, sorry ;) The rest is accounted for. --kwisatz


[edit] Info-Folder text

[edit] Content

Maybe the text would be more personal when reference to our chosen name is made? --Tschew

Sure, the name should be known by the time we print the folders. --kwisatz

This is a copypasta from an email and is therefore in luxembourgish. Sorry to all Non-luxembourgers!

ech hun di franséisch Versioun am Wiki mat der Englescher
synchroniséiert.  Et wir gudd wann e puer Leit et gingen duerchliesen
fir ze kucken op net nach e Fehler dran ass oder soss e Problem.

Ech hun just 2 Remarken waat daat ugeet waat nei bäikomm ass:

- Fir d'Finanzéierung hun ech vun Leit vun der c-base an och am Talk vun
 de Leit vum Metalab héieren dass et net gudd ass op Sponsoren ugewisen
 ze sin. Sponsoren sin e plus mee den Hackerspace misst eleng mat dem
 Akommen vun Memberskaarten an Gedrénksverkaaf iwwerliewen kennen. Soss
 ass een nie richteg onofhänkeg.
 Ech hun net wierklech Erfahrung an deem Gebitt, ech soen just waat ech
 vun hinnen héieren hun.

- Waat d'Zesummenschaffen mat Firmen an Investoren ugeet muss ech soen
 dass ech net wierklech interesséiert sin mat Firmen zesummenzeschaffen
 di op Benefice aus sin, mee that's just me, ech wees net op der de
 Méindeg doriwwer geschwaat hudd. Et ass elo e gudden Deel vum Text
 deen quasi nemmen iwwert Zesummenaarbecht mat Venture Capitalists
 schwätzt. Ech muss soen dass déi Leit mer net wierklech sympatesch sin
 an dass déi Saachen wierklech least priority fir mech sin wann et em
 Hacken geet. Mee wi gesot, ech wees net op ech mat där Meenung eleng
 do stin an wéi di aaner doriwwer denken.


I'll reply in English to keep the spirit that this is not a purely Luxembourgish project,
although I'm not sure how many non-Luxembourgers are currently contributing. Complete
financial independence is certainly noble, and I completely agree with the opinions
of current hackerspace administrators. However, we seem to be quite short on members
and shelling out 100€+ / per month could seem a bit steep for most people. This is why,
I believe, the text makes heavy reference to a hackerspace being a "viable investment". 
It is understood, however, that the aim is to stop relying on sponsorship money for
vital expenses (rent, utility bills, tax[if any] ). 

I share your thoughts about venture capitalists, however, commercialisation
of technological projects is unfortunately mostly done through those channels
and if somebody in the hackerspace wants to go commercial with their idea,
having contacts within that environment would probably help quite a bit. I doubt,
however, that we will be able to establish contacts with, let alone get funding from,
any of those short-sighted firms.

As for your translation:
I can't comment on the language because I'm not qualified to do that anymore :) However,
there's a couple of points that need to be raised.

* "avec la technologie moderne dont ils dépendent pour s'alimenter et se cultiver"
  I believe Steve's intent here was to point out that the interaction needs to be 
  cultivated. The french sentence should therefore be changed IMHO

* educationnel -> system d'éducation ?

* "Il hébergerait des réunions et des projets." - I believe the point of this sentence
  was to emphasise the fact that there would be many different activities making use
  of the space at any one time. The french version does not seem to represent that.

PS: the paragraph in square brackets is redundant, I was waiting for Steve to give the OK
for it to be removed.

PPS: If you decide to add something to the French version which you feel will
improve it, I'll be more than happy to merge it into the English version. 

Thanks for your hard work. 

Best Regards,
Bartek (tschew)

[edit] "To be added" section

music/sound? : thought this was part of contemporary art, added an item to the "more specifically" list --tschew

Well yes, if you think so and understand it as part of that art. The question is: do the musicians know that? --kwisatz

[edit] Spelling

I see somebody changed the spelling to American (s -> z, ou -> o), are we OK with that? --tschew

Dear somebody, do you have an explicit reason for doing so? I personally would prefer the english spelling though. --kwisatz

I agree but it is nothing to lose sleep about. As long as we don't have "aluminum" in there ;) --Tschew 12:03, 17 September 2008 (UTC)

[edit] cultivate and foster

I've changed the english version to clarify the meaning of the sentence.
I've also modified the french version to reflect the original intent. If you found
the old meaning appropriate, don't hesitate to throw out my changes.

--Tschew 10:54, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
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