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[edit] About

This list shows who of our members wishes what from the hardware-wish-list. The aim of this list is to determine which things would be benefited most.

[edit] WhoWishesWhat-list

[edit] General Tools

[edit] Electronics Lab

[edit] Digital oscilloscope

Gunstick, Kris, Slopjong

[edit] Spectrum analyzer

Gunstick, Kris, Slopjong

[edit] Computer equipment

[edit] Good computer workstation


[edit] 1-8x Energy saving 16-port Gb switches

sim0n, Ithierry

[edit] 48-port switch for camp and events

sim0n, Muling

[edit] Audio/Video equipment

[edit] Full-HD projector with roll-up projection screen

destructive, Ithierry, Gunstick, Kris, Slopjong

[edit] Specialized tools and machinery

[edit] (Metal/Wood) Lathe (Drehmaschine)

Who wants that?

[edit] CNC mill

  • Proxxon Präzisionsdrehmaschine PD 230/E (Metal Lathe) ~699€
    • Späne-Auffangwanne mit Spritzschutz für die Drehmaschine PD 230/E
    • Zusatzmaterial für Drehmaschine

See also laser cutter.

Who wants that?

[edit] PVSG Vacuum Desoldering System

Who wants that?

[edit] pick and place manual vacuum/suction tool (this might get too advanced) ~700$ + delivery

Who wants that?

[edit] Laser cutter (commercial ~ €3000-6000, DIY ~ €1500-4000)

This machine allows us to cut various complex pieces out of material like plastic, wood or metal (only with very expensive and powerful machines).

The [Makerbot] is built from pieces cut with a laser cutter.

Some suppliers of theese machines: LaserCutter [1] [2] [3] [4].

It is possible and reasonable to self build a laser cutter. Budget for this is between €1500-4000 depending on working area size and component selection.

For DIY version see here [5]

Parts of the DIY laser (frame, driving mechanism) can be used for other similar projects.

Note that a laser cutter needs an air filter too NEED FUMEX MF

sim0n, Kris, Muling, Slopjong

[edit] USRP(2) (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) 1600$

destructive, sim0n, muling, prometheus, Kabel, Kwisatz, Slopjong

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