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Navigating the VX Scene
Participants: Perforin, Mich
Recording: 2009/10/28 01:00:00 AM
Broadcast: 2009/10/31 01:00:00 PM
Podcast Release: 1970/01/01 01:00:00 AM
Podcast: File:LetzHack ep4 20091031 podcast.ogg
Songs: See list of all songs
QrCode: QR-adebbd6e27f034a717bf775ab6a5b496.png



  • Jingle
  • Intro: Preview of today's show
  • Review and Outlook: The Hacker Calendar, what Conventions and Events are upcoming?

  • Hacker News
    • If applicable: New Projects at the space.
    • If applicable: Upcoming Workshops.
    • Tool news (cf. Linux Magazin)

History of the VX Scene

  • What does VX stand for?
    • Virus Exchange
    • Sharing and coding virii
  • What does VX NOT stand for!
    • DDoS attacks
    • Sharing personal informations
    • Carding, faking money making!
  • From DOS to nowadays
    • Credits to important worms and virii
    • Creeper <=> Reaper
    • Elk Cloner
    • Morris Worm
    • Code Red <=> Code Green
    • NetSky
    • Stormworm


The Groups

  • EOF-Project
  • F13-Labs
  • 29A Labs
  • Vxnetw0rk
Song: Hackers and Crackers
Artist Bewiz
Title Hackers and Crackers
Duration 03:33
Album Hackers
License CC 2.0 BY-NC-ND
Description Nerdcore
Artist's website

Hack the Code!

  • What VX´ing means to me?
    • Nice programming, complexe routines etc
    • Another form of hacking
Song: Granite
Artist Pendulum
Title Granite
Duration 04:42
Album In Silico
License Commercial
Description Drum'n'Bass
Artist's website

  • Talking about making virii as an form of art
    • The biennale Project
    • ILOVEYOU Worm ( A Students Project )
    • Gender Worm ( Male and female parts of the virus => execute payload )

Our "Enemy"

  • AV Industrie
    • Kasperskys try to shut down the scene

Song: One Love
Artist The Prodigy
Title One Love
Duration 03:54
Album One Love
License Commercial
Description Drum'n'Bass
Artist's website

Good-to-know Informations

  • The ILOVEYOU-Worm movie!
  • The unofficial VX Birthday :) ( 2. November 1988 -> Morris Worm )

The Cyberwar between NetSky, MyDoom etc

Song: Cowgirl
Artist Underworld
Title Cowgirl
Duration 08:56
Album dubnobasswithmyheadman
License Commercial
Description From the Hackers Soundtrack
Artist's website

The Future

  • My point of view what will be targeted as next ;)
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