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Please leave your username (easy: by clicking the signature button), so that we know whom to contact, should we have further questions and to let you know when a book has been made available.
Do also remember that these should be attractive to a majority of syn2cat members, so please don't add books that are too specific or in languages most people don't understand (such as Klingon).

[edit] Check the librarything for books we already have

A LibraryThing account for syn2cat has been created in order to catalogue the books available in the hackerspace. The purpose is to see what we share with others libraries but also to keep track of what is already in the library.

Would be nice if someone could put the ISBN number next to all the books already owned by the hackerspace.

The password of the LibraryThing account can be shared among the hackerspace. Steve knows the password, feel free to ask him.

[edit] Management

Please check Syn2stock and the Infrastructure page for existing books first and do use the amazon hook as illustrated below if the book is available there. Other sources include ebay and

The library is maintained by the Facilities circle of interest.

The amazon hook works like this:

<amazon type="link" asin="[put asin here]">[Put book title here]</amazon> ~~~~

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