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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Bootstrap 2012-10
The syn2cat plenum
Type of Event: Meeting
From: 2012/10/20 19:00
Till: 2012/10/20 23:30
Recurring: no
Organizer: syn2cat
Cost: 0 EUR0 $
0 £
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Attendees: Kwisatz
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Contact Person(s): Thierry (mail), Gunstick (mail), Kwisatz (mail), Muling (mail), Nick17 (mail), NPU (mail), sid (mail)
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-32e2009226582f80de09516825cabbb8.png
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Decide where syn2cat is heading next. Every third Saturday of a month, starting at 7pm until midnight.

[edit] Introduction

If you would like to discuss something, simply add it below the upcoming event!

The Guidelines page regroups all major decisions taken at prior Bootstrap Meetings.

  • No items can be added to a schedule once the meeting has begun.
  • A meeting can't last any longer than 4 hours (a 30min pause will be made after 2h)
  • People should sign the topics they added using ~~~.
  • Topics will only be discussed if their authors are present at the meeting.

[edit] Topics

  • aquisition of video beamer 2000 lumen for 1500€ or 4000 lumen for 2000€ and projector screen (about 200€) (no pre-pledge) -- Gunstick (talk) 11:24, 30 September 2012‎ (CEST)
  • material for workbench. Discussion what's primarily needed. -- Gunstick (talk) 17:05, 19 October 2012 (CEST)
  • review of Bootstrap 2012-08 ToDos. --Kwisatz (talk) 16:10, 20 October 2012 (CEST)
  • We Haven't Met But You're A Great Fan Of Mine: The Ultimaker 3D Printer --Stereo (talk) 22:33, 17 October 2012 (CEST)
  • Sweaty Hackers With Silly Hats: Bike mechanic toolkit & equipment --Stereo (talk) 22:33, 17 October 2012 (CEST)
  • Cabal Revelations: What's the office been up to? --Stereo (talk) 22:33, 17 October 2012 (CEST)
  • You Call This Clean? Thought on tagging and sorting all the things. --Stereo (talk) 22:33, 17 October 2012 (CEST)
  • Buy a PC connectable sticker printer (for all that tagging) Kris 17:18, 20th October 2012 (CEST)
  • One more time, buy a (video) camera for documenting activities Kris 17:18, 20th October 2012 (CEST)

[edit] Minutes

[edit] New projector and screen

  • Projector: gunstick will create a votex according to the funding principles for a 4k lumen projector. (done, buying in progress)

[edit] Workbench

  • Workbench: what do we need?
    • bench vice
    • fixed drill
  • gunstick&npu will first look up what tools to buy and present them in a month at the november bootstrap. (ACT)

[edit] Review of the August Bootstrap

  • New member initiative has not yet been put into practice. (ACT)
    • Would be good to have a plan before this year's students fair.
  • The RCSL option should be made more obvious. --> done
  • GRL: We shall chose a tent and present it to office/bootstrap (ACT) --> We aka GRL will act
  • Gunstick will set up a syn2cat account at BPM. Cost will be covered by syn2cat --> too cumbersome. abandoned

[edit] Ultimaker

Sample printed on our Cupcake and an Ultimaker
  • The Ultimaker 3D printer is faster and more accurate than our Cupcake, and has a larger (210*210*220mm) build volume.
  • Stereo passes examples around (ultimaker vs. cupcake made robots)
  • The moving Bowden extruder, where the material is pushed to the hot end through a tube by a motor on the side, allows models to be printed very fast. Because of the bowden system and low-mass moving parts, speed and accuracy can be much higher, all the way down to a 50 micron layer height.
  • Comes as a kit, price for the kit is 1194 €
  • The electronics on the ultimaker would also be interesting for the shapeoko (we could get two electronic boards).
    • These boards make it easy to control five motors.
  • The Ultimaker uses pla and abs; our Cupcake's ABS reels can be re-used. It doesn't have a heated platform, but a painters' tape system that seems to work well enough.

The Pledge is active; Stereo will pledge 10% of the original cost of the kit.

[edit] Ultimaker pictures

[edit] Sweaty hackers with funny hats: bicycles

  • Stereo's bike workshop was success: about 10 external people showed up on a rainy day, after having done only minimal advertisement. The participants learned how to adjust brakes, clean and lubricate their bikes, and fix flat tires.
  • There is great potential in bikes for the hackerspace. The bike tutorials are bringing in new people and potential members. Ch4r3l wants to build a recumbent bike (from random junk, so he'll need a welder) and he wants to do it in the space. The frame will take up some space, but the hall should be ok.
  • If we choose to go in that direction, we would need some general tools (e.g. wrench sockets, torque wrench), and special bike tools (e.g. a bottom bracket tool. Stereo has already some of the stuff himself, but would donate some of it and offer the rest to the hackerspace. Steve has donated things he didn't need anymore. A starter budget of around €200 would be very nice.
  • A large plastic mat that will protect the floors from cyclists has been found.

Similar project abroad: Die Bikerei

[edit] cabal & you call this clean?

  • We are currently talking to the commune to get extra room for storage where we would put rarely used stuff like for instance haxogreen materials which are used but every 2 years.
  • stereo walks us through the latest office meeting minutes
  • gunstick shows labels/tags..
    • most items should get tags, especially if they're not supposed to be hacked (maybe put them into a box if they're too small).
    • tags will be put onto things during cleanspace

[edit] video camera / digi-cam

  • ch4r3l has a go-pro that he currently doesn't need and would put it at the space's disposal.
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