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[edit] Idea

After the GameCookies success, we needed a new challenge. So we found online an instruction how to create pixel mapped cookies. Of course with space invaders.

Also the known shape mappings of M.C. Escher inspired us after we found a 3D printable mold.

[edit] Testing

A first run was made. The intial methode using the playdoh extruder kinda worked but was very labor intensive. Then we used the stripes method of the christmas invaders. This proved to be very effective as the stripes are easier to handle and the build up is faster. We also tried the sirpinsky cookies. This brought the idea to reduce the space invaders with the same method so we get smaller but more cookies.

[edit] Creating

We use Shortcrust dough.

[edit] First day

  • Make the dough, half normal, half chocolate. Count 30 minutes per Kg of dough (in reality it is 2.2Kg). Rest in fridge for a couple of hours.
  • Roll out plates of same width of 550g each (cut the dough in 4). Count about 20 minutes per Kg. Put back in fridge.

[edit] Second day

  • Put chocolate plate on top of white plate, stick them together using egg white
  • put into fridge
  • Cut this combined plate into stripes of 0.5cm
  • put into fridge
  • Cut the other plates into 1cm stripes
  • put into fridge
  • assemble stripes into your favourite pixel monster
  • put into fridge

A lot of fridge. Can also use freezer to make the stuff handable. Or do all the work, outside, in the cold night.

[edit] Third day

  • Cut the block into 5mm slices
  • bake with 200°C for 8 minutes
  • cool
  • eat (only the ones with a bad shape please)

[edit] Fourth day

  • roll out cut 2 more blocks
  • cut them
  • bake them
  • cut fishes
  • bake those

(maybe not enough time today, continue next week)

[edit] Fifth day

All Invaders are done, just need to do more Escher birds. We do this in 2 parts as it's tough for the back to be hours in that working position. So first a small batch on Friday evening.

[edit] Sixth day

Saturday decorating a bit and doing the rest

the full production W GeekCookies 00371.JPG

[edit] Packaging

Cellophane bags with stickers

[edit] Seventh day

Week after, put into bags and put labels

[edit] Selling

Create posters

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